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Dasha Bhukti Yajña to Melt Current Karma


Lord Vishnu as the Atman

Lord Vishnu has given us the Jyotish system to light the path to Moksha. This path to Moksha, the goal of life in this and every incarnation of the jiva, is littered with obstacles of our own creation. To reach the goal of Moksha one must navigate the path successfully before time runs out in the current life. This situation makes the light on the path a great blessing. How can we best use this gift from Lord Vishnu?

Karma comes in two varieties, currently manifested and manifesting, and that which is yet to come into the life. Future karma can be shielded by accepting and using Lord Vishnu's complimentary gift to Jyotish known as yajña. We can also use yajña to deal with current karma. With yajña we can build a shield that protects us from all future karma, so this karma is totally avoided. What if a person has good health and is able to sit peacefully and meditate but the Jyotish predicts health problems are coming? These health problems will at least add to the discomfort of life and be a drain on energy and resources that reduces or even stops the progress on the path to Moksha. Maybe the Jyotish indicates there are accidents and injuries, perhaps even fatal, that are coming from the karma of this life. Obviously it will be good to know about this and with yajña the effect of this karma can be softened. With yajna, the karma that is coming from the Grahalokas will melt as it arrives, like hailstones melt when they fall to the ground from the sky.

Vimshottari Dasha

This system of Jyotish to see the karma that is most active at any time in the life is called the Vimshottari Dasha system. There are 9 major Mahadasha periods in life, each one ranging from 6 years (for Suyaloka) to 20 years (for Shukraloka). Here are the specific details for each period - this is a cycle that begins at a different point for different individuals, i.e., someone may be born during the Kujaloka period, then next the person will enter the Rahuloka period.  If a person is born at the start of the Suyraloka period and lives for 90 years, then that person will never experience the Ketuloka and Shukraloka periods.

  1. Suryaloka Mahadasha : 6 years
  2. Chandraloka Mahadasha : 10 years
  3. Kujaloka Mahadasha : 7 years
  4. Rahuloka Mahadasha : 18 years
  5. Guruloka Mahadasha : 16 years
  6. Shaniloka Mahadasha : 19 years
  7. Budhaloka Mahadasha : 17 years
  8. Ketuloka Mahadasha : 7 years
  9. Shukraloka Mahadasha : 20 years

Wiithin each Mahadasha is a complete cycle of Antaradashas. Each Antaradasha lasts for proportionately shorter time, and always starts with the Antaradasha of the Mahadasha,  i.e., if the Mahadasha is Chandraloka, the first Antaradasha will be Chandraloka, and it will last for 10 months, followed by Kujaloka Antaradasha that will last for 7 months, followed by Rahuloka Antaradasha for 10 months, etc. While the MahaDashaha periods are measured in years, the AntarDashaha periods are in months. 

Your MahaYajña Vitara will shield you from all incoming future karma when it is completed. But this takes 55 months of continuous operation. During this 55 months you will continue to receive the future karma that is coming due, and you will be constantly experiencing the karma that has already been delivered into your life. So we can provide one or more yajñas to melt this karma as it arrives. You will find it advantageous to actively accept and melt this karma as it comes into your life.

To accept and melt current karma from a Grahaloka as it is manifesting into your life, perform the Dasha Bhukti Yajña. This yajña will be created for you by Visvamitra to address the specific karma that is coming into your life right now. This yajña is performed every day during the current Dasha Bhukti period and takes about 20 minutes to perform. Depending on where you are in the current Dasha Bhukti period, the yajña will be performed for up to 10 months to account for the current AntaraDasha period.

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