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Chudala: Chapter 1, Juan Tabo


Chudala: Chapter 1, Juan Tabo

In a luxury condo at Sea Cliff, with a wall of windows and huge patio with its own salt water swimming pool, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, Amanda and Michael enjoyed their life together. They have only lived here for a few months – a significant upgrade from the 1-bedroom apartment they lived in since their marriage 3 years ago. But the business has recently taken off and they are awash with money.

Amanda and Michael are asleep together in a giant, round floating bed that is suspended from the ceiling by a cone of white silk-like cords, the early morning sun is just appearing and casting its rays across the bed. Amanda is nude, sprawled-out on top of the covers (she is always hot and really prefers to be nude all the time – whenever practical) and Michael has navy blue pajamas on, laying under the covers (he is always cold and of course must be ready for any emergency – no time to get dressed if someone is breaking in!).

Suddenly, Amanda sits up. Wow!” she exclaimed and woke Michael who was snoring peacefully. When you do something sudden like that in a floating bed, it creates a shockwave that moves the bed around, bouncing off of its tethers.

What?” Michael said. “What are you yelling about?

Michael, I just had the most incredible dream!” He was now staring up at her from his pillow – Amanda was sitting bolt upright, eyes wide, feeling an adrenalin rush, her whole body was tingling, and full of excitement. “That dream was wild!”

That was a full-on lucid dream – I have never had such a dream!” she grabbed Michael by the hands and pulled him up so she could look him straight in the face.

Jeeze, ok, what?

I was in the office, working at my desk, looking at something on the computer and suddenly a young man in a cream business suit, pink shirt and plaid tie just materialized in front of my desk. He kind of ‘faded’ into the room.

Hello Amanda, I am Juan Tabo and I was sent here by the Celestial Family to help you.” The man said.

What is this ‘Celestial Family’ and who are you and how did you get in here?” I said (I do have a private office, with a secretary who is supposed to stop people from popping in like this, VP and all). “Actually, I watched me say this. I knew I was dreaming; I knew I was asleep here in our bed. The dream was so real and vivid, everything looked normal in my office except for this guy. I was in the dream and watching me in the dream at the same time – very weird.

I will tell you more later, when I come to your office today, around 10.” he said.

Then he vanished, just like he came in, he sort of faded away. Then I woke up! It was so weird, like I was an actress in a movie and I was watching me in that movie, and I knew my body was sleeping here in this bed!

What do you think? They say that these early morning dreams are premonitions – this guy is going to show up today in my office!

Gad, Amanda. You are so freakin’ high-strung! Calm down, it was just a dream.“ Michael said as he climbed over Amanda to get out of the bed and go pee.

Amanda could hear Michael was taking a shower. Ok, she thought, why is this happening? What can this guy help me with? The only thing I really need help with is moksha. I have been doing TM for 10 years, every single day, 20 minutes morning and evening, plus all of the advanced techniques plus the TM-Sidhis – about 45 minutes total, and I am at a plateau. Experiences are not dramatic, the time in meditation is peaceful and even delightful, but I feel that I am not much closer to moksha now than I was 10 years ago.

Just like the baby clock, there is a moksha clock too – if you don’t make it by the end of your life, too bad. You have to come back and try again! I am 28 now so I have maybe 60 more years – 70 tops. If you plot my straight-line progress over the past 10 years, I will fall way short of the goal by the end. I just have to make a change and a get that trajectory heading up.

Maybe this is what he is talking about – I have been praying to all of the Gods for help. This is probably what he means by the “Celestial Family.” Could it be he has been sent from Them? Do They really exist and do this sort of thing?

Crap! I must be crazy! Michael is right, this is only a dream.

Hey! Amanda! What are you doing? Sitting on the bed daydreaming? We have a big day at the office today, come on!“ Michael yelled as he left the bedroom, fully dressed, to get some breakfast.

Ok! I am going to take a shower and do my meditation. You go ahead and I will take a taxi to the office.” I yelled back. Michael never does his meditation – he hasn’t for at least 2 years, ever since the Company has gotten so busy. At least I am trying! She thought.

Amanda leaped off the bed to head for the ensuite bathroom, complete with two rain showers and a big jacuzzi (Amanda loved luxuriating in that jacuzzi with mountains of bubbles and candles all around), leaving behind the chaotic, disheveled bed with its 10 king size pillows, lavender eucalyptus fiber sheets and, of course, Michael’s down comforter. She never made the bed or did any normal housework or dishes or laundry now that they have Charlene who comes every day at 9am to tidy up.

After a shower, Amanda began her morning yoga routine, she was good at yoga and has the body for it. She loved to put on a white eucalyptus fiber tunic over her naked body, go into the temple, ring the bell and meditate while the subtle after tone ringing of the bell filled the room.

Amanda had converted one bedroom of their 4-bedroom condo (this was a large room like a second master bedroom only without the deck – it was on the street side of the condo - it had the same 11 foot ceiling with a large skylight in the center) into a Vedic temple, complete with statues of all the Gods and beautiful pictures of Vedic Temples, Goloka and Kailasa on the walls, flowing tapestries over a central altar where a statue of Radha and Krishna was standing, a large, always burning ghee lamp at their feet. This brass lamp held enough ghee to burn for 36 hours! It was huge. Every day, she would always spend a few minutes every night emptying the lamp, inserting a fresh wick and pouring in the golden ghee, then lighting it and placing the flame before Krishna. She would tidy up the flowers and give them water; there were 14 crystal flower vases filled with roses and lilies on either side of the 7 deity statues. There were large (15-16 inches tall) metal (panchaloha) statues from India (all custom-made, designed by Amanda) for Vishnu, Lakshmi, Shiva-Shakti (a very unusual statue of half man and half woman), Ganesha, Saraswati, Durga riding a lion, and the elaborately painted and decorated Radha-Krishna.

This morning is different, Amanda thought, my body is still tingling from that dream! I am so excited to see what happens today, at 10am, when Juan Tabo actually appears in my office! Maybe I have gone crazy from all this meditation and look at this room – good grief! Michael never comes in here and we always keep the door closed. This is my private temple. I feel close to God in here. They have answered my prayers for sure – today I am going to witness a miracle, right here in good old San Francisco. I just know it.

Meditation this morning was nothing special and by the time it was over, Amanda had actually forgotten about the dream in the rush to get to the office for her 9:15 appointment with the supplier from Taiwan. The meeting went well, she was able to order 1,000 excellent Buddhist Tapestries that would surely sell quickly from their new catalog. The buyer left the office a few minutes before 10 and all was quiet. She was researching crystal pyramids on the Internet, her desk faced the door and the computer monitor was on the right side so when she is looking at the computer, her left side is facing the door. She noticed some movement in her peripheral vision, on the left and turned her face to see.

Holy shit! She thought as she watched a man materialize in front of her desk. It was just like in the dream; young man, maybe 25 years old, well-tanned, dressed in a cream-colored business suit, pink shirt and plaid tie.

Amanda’s mouth was open as she stared in amazement.

Namaste, Amanda.” The man said as he put his hands together at the heart and gently bowed. “I am Juan Tabo, sent to you by the Celestial Family to offer help with your spiritual pursuits.

Amanda stood up, put her hands together and bowed to Juan Tabo and said “Namaste, Juan Tabo. This is amazing to meet you today. Please take a seat.” She motioned with her hand to a sofa in her office as she walked around the desk to join him in a opposing chair.

May I bring you some tea?” What are you doing? She thought, you are treating this man like he is some ordinary person and he just manifested in your office out of thin air! Ok, what am I supposed to do in this situation? He is really a perfect specimen of a man for sure, tanned, tall, looks very strong and vital, beautiful smile – wow, I could just look at him all day!

No thank you, Amanda. Here, I have this for you” Juan Tabo extended his right hand, palm up, and there appeared, like in a magic show, a glowing device, cylindrical base with a pyramid on top. “This is the Moksha Vedic Vitara that will accelerate the progress of your sadhana by 10-fold. We know you are feeling a little bit discouraged with your progress. This will help you. Keep it with you at all times, 24 hours a day. It should always be within 5 feet of you for the best effect.

Amanda took the device from Don Juan. It feels wonderful to hold it in my hands! She thought. There is a tingling sensation coming from it that is pervading my whole body. It is like the way I felt after the dream.

Amanda,” Juan Tabo continued, “this is only the beginning of what we can do for you, if you are the right person for this project. The Celestial Family thinks you could be and have recommended you to me. Do you have time now – about 2 hours?

Are you kidding? I will make time! Amanda thought as she went to the door and spoke to her secretary: “Jennie, I do not want to be disturbed for the next 2 hours.

Coming back to Juan Tabo, she thought: here I am with a dream creature in real life! This is bizarre! “Ok, we will not be disturbed for 2 hours. Please go ahead, Juan Tabo.

Amanda, I sure you realize that the world is dominated by people who do not support human life. The leaders of these people are not in the public eye and in fact are not even human beings. The Human Race is literally in the grip of some very dangerous Rakshasas.” Juan Tabo said.

Rakshasas? I thought those were mythical creatures from ancient times who are like vampires. Are they real and here now?” Amanda asked.

Yes, quite a real and present danger that the Celestial Family is organizing opposition to. My job is to recruit people, like yourself, to work on the physical plane to defeat their agenda to destroy the Human Race.” Said Juan Tabo.

This is all happening due to the pressure of collective individual karmic traces. There are two types of karmic traces; Divine and individual. Karma means action and karmic traces are the residue of actions. If an action is in support of the entire universe, then it leaves no residue – instead it acts in accord with and magnifies the Divine Karmic Traces that are the Laws of Nature. But action that is damaging to life and do not support the entire universe are dissonant and destructive to the Divine Karmic Traces. These actions reverberate throughout the Universe and eventually seek to balance by coming back to their creator. These we call individual karmic traces.” Juan Tabo continued.

When the pressure of collective individual karmic traces is too strong, then the Universe must respond with a cataclysmic event to balance a portion of these karmic traces. The response of the Universe to set the stage for this event is to allow the destructive forces to ascend. So, we are in the early days of what could result in a world-wide destructive event in which more than 90% of the population will suffer and perish. Such an event will naturally balance collective karma and restore the Universe to equilibrium. But such an event will cause horrible suffering and fear among the people. The Celestial Family would like to do something that will balance the collective karma in a gentler fashion and spare the people from all of this pain.

We have been working on delaying this pralaya – that is what the destructive event is called – since 1975 when the pressure of collective karma tipped into dangerous territory. We have been successful in these past 30 years but the pressure is building and we must change our tactics if we are to continue to be successful. This is where you come in.” Juan Tabo paused, to let all of this sink in.

He must be talking about the global elite – the Rothchild family and those uber rich who are behind Agenda 21, Chemtrails, GMO food, fluoride, pedophilia, and all that is meant to weaken and control humanity. But, what in the world can I do about all of this? Amanda thought.

You have the potential to achieve Moksha Level 5 in this lifetime. Very briefly, I will define these 5 Levels of Moksha:

1) Cosmic Consciousness: you will realize that you are not the body and mind – instead you experience that you are the Silent Witness to all that goes on in the Universe, including the Amanda body as it acts throughout the day and night.

2) God Consciousness: you have developed your subtle bodies to be able to function independently of the physical body in the Celestial Realms.

3) Unity Consciousness: you experience the unity of all life in the Universe

4) Brahman Consciousness: you realize this Universe is your creation, aham brahmasmi

5) Krishna Consciousness: you realize your Eternal Absolute Being as a Companion of Krishna in Goloka

These are very cursory definitions of ineffable Levels of Consciousness that are actually open to every human being who has the ability to think a thought. You have made some progress toward Level 1 already. To become useful to the Celestial Family you must rise to Level 4. I can help you with that.”

What do you mean by me being ‘useful’ to the Celestial Family?” Amanda said.

The Celestial Family cannot act in the physical realm without willing volunteers who have bodies in the physical realm. They do not ‘possess’ their people like the Rakshasas do. They only offer love and help to all and never try to control people. So, to receive their help you must ask for it and you can always walk away at any time – no strings attached. All they ask is for your sincere desire to help others with the new abilities you will gain from your higher Levels of Consciousness. We believe you have this sincere desire to help humanity.” Juan Tabo said.

Amanda thought about how she has always wanted to help others and to make a difference in the world. In fact, she vowed to use her Enlightenment only for the good of humanity and prays every day to Krishna to have an opportunity to be of service. “Yes, I do want to serve humanity, more than anything in life.” Amanda said.

Very well then! Let’s map out a plan to proceed with your training. When can you move to Southern Mexico to our university and spiritual community at Lake Chapala?” Juan Tabo said.

What! Amanda was stunned. Her mind raced. I can’t just drop everything here and move to Mexico! She thought. I have too many responsibilities at the Company and Michael depends on me. But this is a special situation.

I need a few months to get ready, then I can come. Is that ok?” Amanda was surprised by those words that just flew out of her mouth! I have no idea what I am doing!

How long do you think I need to be in this Community?” Amanda said.

Oh, this is long-term, Amanda. You will need to live in the Community for at least the next 250 years.” Juan Tabo said.

Of course, you can leave at any time, but we think you will choose not to. Living in the Community and working for the Celestial Family is supremely blissful and fulfilling.” Juan Tabo said.

We have techniques to help you appear to be living her in San Francisco and working here at the Company as usual. For example, do I look real to you? Actually, I am in the Community now – this body is a clone that I created to go out into the world when necessary.

We will create an Amanda clone that looks like you and will be indistinguishable from you, even to your husband.

How long would it take you to create this Amanda clone?” Amanda asked.

It is quick, I could do it tomorrow morning after Michael goes to work, and then your Amanda clone would take a taxi in to the office and you and I would head to the Community.” Juan Tabo said.

I must be crazy to even consider this! Amanda thought.

Ok, let’s do it!” Again, the words just flew out of her mouth, surprising her. “Do you know where I live? Of course, you do. Please come by at 8:30 tomorrow morning and I will be ready to go. Obviously, I do not need to pack anything, right?

Right, see you tomorrow!” Juan Tabo said as he stood up and bowed to Amanda and put his hands together at his chest. Then he faded away.

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Nancy, Chapala, Mexico , July 18, 2019 at 5:06 PM | Reply
Keep the flow going; keep writing til you get your story out. Revising is ongoing and forever. Just keep writing. Are you using google docs? Feedback and revising can become much more targeted with that platform.
Nancy, Chapala , July 18, 2019 at 4:38 PM | Reply
You open the story with Setting. You might consider starting the story with the dream sequence itself. People love mystery. It tantalizes us to read further. My students write two or three different openings to see which one grabs them. Setting, Unusual Dialogue, Action Sequence, Character Development, etc.
Allen, USA , July 16, 2019 at 11:41 AM | Reply
Have you given any thought to the idea that “juan” and “mexico” are already very connected to and associated with Don Juan and his disciple’s spiritual adventures? Or is that a different “generation group” than the one you are trying to appeal to?

Have you considered using footnotes or an appendix for full explanations like Levels of Consciousness? Do readers really want their innocent attention on the flow/unfoldment of the story to be interrupted trying to comprehend and remember what these terms mean/stand for?

You know, anyone familiar with TM, especially the mechanics and benefits, will feel uncomfortable with the manner in which it has been presented (thus far) in the story. Boring meditation is not a symptom of bad/wrong meditation. It gives the impression that it is not very effective. On the other hand, they are experiencing incredible support of Nature - the only lack she feels in her life is the natural desire for faster progress. Could not TM be introduced/integrated in the story in a more positive light?

Not sure why Juan immediately gives her a MVV and tells her to keep it within 5 ft for 24 hrs/day. Isn’t the MVV large and needs to be constantly attached to electricity? Doesn’t seem practical that he suggests she try to use this, especially since she will be in Mexico anyway - with, I assume, a complete setup that will boost her consciousness.
Tapani Vaulasto, Finland , July 16, 2019 at 10:38 AM | Reply
Chudala: Chapter 1, Juan Tabo

Comments: Tapani
- “Michael said as he climbed over Amanda to get out of the bed and go pee.”

Stupid man. He just climbed over a naked woman even if she has another man in her mind.

“cylindrical base with a pyramid on top. “This is the Moksha Vedic”

This should be changed to phone like device or something . Pyramid is difficult to put into pocket.

““Rakshasas? I thought those were mythical creatures from ancient times who are like vampires. Are they real and here now?” Amanda asked.”

This is important. All new terms has to be described.

This is important. Especially ‘zero experience’.

“The only thing I really need help with is moksha. I have been doing TM for 10 years, every single day, 20 minutes morning and evening, plus all of the advanced techniques plus the TM-Sidhis – about 45 minutes total, and I am at a plateau. Experiences are zero, meditation is usually boring, and I am no closer to moksha now than I was 10 years ago.”


“Could it be he has been sent from Them? Do They really exist and do this sort of thing?”

“Holy shit! ”

“My job is to recruit people, like yourself, to work on the physical plane to defeat their agenda to destroy the Human Race.” Said Juan Tabo.”

Excellent and on correct place.

““We have techniques to help you appear to be living her in San Francisco and working here at the Company as usual. For example, do I look real to you? Actually, I am in the Community now – this body is a clone that I created to go out into the world when necessary.”
“We will create an Amanda clone that looks like you and will be indistinguishable from you, even to your husband.”
“How long would it take you to create this Amanda clone?” Amanda asked.
“It is quick, I could do it tomorrow morning after Michael goes to work,

This is great
RAJNI KANT DAVE, kanpur ,india , July 16, 2019 at 6:36 AM | Reply
good start of the novel.creates excitement in reading . as i understand the name of novel will be chudala when the chudala character will enter? or amanda is playing chudala character? the stay of amanda for 250 yrs in community needs clarification in the beginning also as it looks unrealistic to start with? hope next chapters will explain better.rest all looks good and creates curiosity to read more. best wishes.
Sudipto, Kolkata, West Bengal , July 15, 2019 at 11:52 PM | Reply
The story is being written like a children's tale. It is stuffed with actions, and mundane descriptions, but doesn't touch the emotions.
It appears that the writers are more anxious to jump to the thick of actions, and trying to get rid of the prelude as quick as possible.
I will consider myself a Gen Y. I am Indian. I am a practising Hindu, and I have read quite a bit of many anecdotes of a normal person's journey into enlightenment.
I will stop reading this book after the first few pages. That is because it sounds like another Raelian story.
Indians have not heard much about Raelian movement, so they won't be drawing a parallel between the two. But they will also know that the storyline is loose.
When does the heaven shine on you? Is it when you are naked, taking a bubble bath, thinking of how to make more money?
He shines, when we lose all hope.
Maybe, the story could have started in a dilapidated house, a little away from the kindness of time, and the boastfulness of the social razzmatazz. The woman, sadness in her eyes, looking out of the window pane, to the overcast sky...the incessant lashing of the rains that forces itself on the many cracks of the window, just as many trials forced their way into the soul of the frail lady. She knows not how to think, for worry has been her companion forever. She looks vacant at the sky, and he looks back at the dim corner of the room. Her broken husband, barely distinguishable from the bed, lies with cancer. Yes, he is also a part of this glorious land of freedom. He is now free to die.
Not long ago, this very handsome husband of her had marched to the tunes of war bugle.........

Maybe, you can make the story that can touch the heart. But now I am wondering if you have the same objective as that of the Raelian movement. I doubt if this story is about understanding Supreme Consciousness.
I will wait for the next chapters.
Kevin Trainor, LA, CA , July 15, 2019 at 7:46 PM | Reply
There is so much energy and excitement in the movement of the characters. I like the story setup. I think things happen too quickly, like leaving her husband. Even with a clone, she should be more resistant to it at first. Create a friction and you solve it and the reader goes "ah," in relief. Let's say she's OK with the clone. Maybe she gets jealous of the clone, and has second thoughts. Is Michael going to still love her after 250 years? Where is he going to be in 250 years? Add practical problems to it and it will appear real. Of course its fantasy, but even fantasy needs a "ground." But I think you have the basis for what you are looking for.
I'm finishing my third screenplay (I have about 40 pages out of a probable 90 pages finished).
But you've given me another good idea: to turn my screenplays into novels.
I was going to immerse myself into the readings of Poe to gain his rhythm and rhyme. I love him.
Good luck and I will help you as much as I can. Although you seem to be doing fine.
Jai Guru Dev

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