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Chudala: Chapter 2, The Community

Did I dream that meeting with Juan Tabo? Or am I now dreaming? I certainly did NOT dream last night; I don’t think I slept even for 1 minute. My life has become a bizzaro world and I don’t care. Probably I have gone insane. That’s it I am crazy. I remember what it was like before I went crazy. Life was nice! Very normal, married to a wonderful man, working in my own company, doing exactly what I wanted to do, every day. But there was something nagging me; holding me back from feeling fulfilled. I needed something more and could not put my finger on it. It was a very subtle something that was usually not there until I began to meditate. It was not even a thought, just a feeling that pervaded my awareness. Amanda thought as she was taking a shower around 7am.

Ok maniac, in about an hour Juan Tabo is going to show up here like magic and make a clone of me. Whoa! That will be weird! Get a grip and act normal – it is not actually that hard to appear normal when you are crazy. Amanda thought.

Hey Amanda! I leaving for the office now. See you at work!” Michael called out from the front door.

Ok dear! I will be in around 10 today. I love you!” Amanda replied.

Love you!” yelled Michael and the door slammed.

Amanda proceeded to get into her morning routine of yoga and meditation in her temple room. She became so immersed in meditation that she literally forgot about Juan Tabo and the move to Mexico that was going to begin in a few minutes. As she finished meditation and opened her eyes, there sat Juan Tabo, dressed in a white long-sleeved tunic, smiling as their gaze met.

Good morning, Amanda.” Juan Tabo said. “I have been working on your clone and she is now ready. Would you like to meet her?

Yes! How does this work?” Amanda said.

She is standing behind you now.” Juan Tabo said.

Amanda stood up and spun around, not knowing what to expect.

What she saw was amazing! It was like looking into a 3-D mirror. There she was, perfect in every detail, dressed in an identical white eucalyptus fiber tunic to what Amanda was wearing. She was smiling and looked surprised to see Amanda.

Amanda’s clone was thinking: I am the original and SHE is the clone. This is confusing. I actually have no memory of being created. I have been here all morning and just finished my meditation. I know Juan Tabo came here this morning to show me the clone, but he is acting like I am the clone and the clone is acting like that too. But I sure do not feel like a clone, I am Amanda and I have always been Amanda.

This is confusing, I think you are the clone here. I certainly do not feel any different today than I have for my entire life. However, it is weirdto see you standing there, looking exactly like me and even dressed like me.” Amanda’s clone said.

Both of them turned to Juan Tabo and said together, like the Doublement Twins, “Juan Tabo, help me understand this!

You are both identical in every respect, and have the same memories up to this point. So, it is undoubtedly confusing. A clone never meets their original. This is the only time it has happened. You are like identical twins and like identical twins, there is always some subtle difference that broadens over time as the two have different experiences. From this moment you will begin to diverge in experience and memory. For one thing you are not looking at this room from the exact same point.

It will be best if one of you keeps the name Amanda and the other will assume a new name.

Turning to the original Amanda, he said: “Your spiritual name is Chudala, so from now this will be your name.

Facing the clone, he said: “You are Amanda.

Chudala and I are leaving now.” Juan Tabo said. “Amanda, have a lovely day! I will be in touch soon to give you advice on how you will proceed in your life. For now, you should know that soon you will be running for public office as a local representative in this District and your political career will be launched. Amanda, you are going to one day become the President of the United States!” Juan Tabo said.

Juan Tabo took Chudala’s hand and they both vanished.

Ok, what just happened? Amanda thought. This morning I thought I must be going insane and now I am sure of it. Today, Juan Tabo was supposed to come here and create a clone of me, and apparently, he did and that is Chudala. But I was supposed to go with him back to the Community. Now he says I am staying here and will become the President! Logically, I must be the clone and Chudala is the original Amanda. This makes my head hurt! I am going to work now and let this whole mess settle down.

Amanda called a taxi and prepared to go to work.

Chudala suddenly found herself on a hill that overlooked a beautiful lake. She was standing beside Juan Tabo, or so she thought – turning to him to remark on the beauty of the place she was shocked; she could not see Juan Tabo!

This is Lake Chapala, Chudala. Our community is here.” She heard Juan Tabo say.

Juan Tabo, I can hear you but I cannot see you; it is as if you are invisible!” Chudala said.

Yes, we are both invisible; look at your hands.” Juan Tabo said.

Oh my God! Chudala thought. I cannot see my body!

We have to keep the location of our Community hidden so when we venture out, we always must approach the Community with our bodies invisible.” Juan Tabo said.

You do not yet have this ability yet but I do and I have made you invisible. You will soon be able to do this. The Community is like a Satyug womb that you will enter as an embryo and come out as a fully realized Satyug Human Being.” Juan Tabo said.

Turn around and I will make it possible for you to see the Community.” Juan Tabo said.

Chudala turned around, or at least she tried to. It is very disorienting to be invisible! She thought. I never realized how much I depended on seeing my body and using that as a reference when doing something as simple as turning around to face the opposite direction. Now I have to depend on the environment solely for my visual ques. There is nothing here, just a big wooded area. Chudala thought.

I do not see any Community!” Chudala said.

She felt Juan Tabo’s hand on her neck and then suddenly the Community came into focus. She saw the entry gates of the “Goloka Sanctuary Community”, as the sign over the entry gates read. It was a large double gate big enough for two lanes of cars and about 30 feet tall. Extending left and right in a sweeping arc were high walls, maybe 12 to 14 feet high, she guessed. Inside there are people walking around in the same white tunics that Juan Tabo is wearing. There are trees and flowers and some buildings. It was peaceful and serene.

This is a lovely place! Thought Chudala. “How do you make the whole Community invisible?” She asked.

One of our LOC 900 Members does it for us. He simply changes the Dream.

What? That does not make any sense to me.” Said Chudala.

Our Universe is a Dream in the Mind of the Creator. When you reach LOC 900, you are the Creator so you can literally do anything in this Universe, as long as you do not interfere with the free-will of the people.

Wait a minute! Are you saying the Creator of this Universe lives in the Community?” Asked Chudala.


Come, let’s go in.” Said Juan Tabo, catching her invisible hand as he walked forward to the entry gate. As they approached the entry gate, it opened – slid into the wall – automatically. They walked into the Community and the gate quietly slid closed behind them. It seemed like an automatic process or maybe there was a camera and someone operating remotely.

Who opens and closes the gate?” Asked Chudala, looking around to see if there was anyone in the area who could be doing that.

The entry has biosensors that detect the presence of a Member and automatically opens to let them in.” Said Don Juan. “We do not have any staff here; all Members spend about 2 hours a day in Community service to keep the place tidy and running smoothly. So, we automate as many functions as possible.

Let’s get rid of the personal invisibility; it can be a little disorienting and is not necessary inside the Community.” Juan Tabo said and they became visible.

The Community is self-sufficient with its own pair of nuclear power plants, deep wells, and gardens full of fruit trees. We also have a eucalyptus grove and a hemp grove as well.” Juan Tabo said.

Nuclear power plants? Isn’t that dangerous?” Chudala said.

Actually, it is very safe. Governments scare the people with their stories of nuclear bombs and the dangers of nuclear energy power plants, but those are all fabrications to give the governments power over the people. Technically there is a right way to use nuclear to produce electricity and a wrong way. Our power plants use the right way, the military uses the right way to power their DUMBs and submarines, and all of the public ones use the wrong way. The wrong way produces mountains of hazardous waste and the power plants themselves are prone to melt-down and cannot be controlled very well. Nuclear done correctly produces no hazardous waste and there is zero melt-down potential and they are easy to control.” Juan Tabo said.

Why would all the governments use the wrong way method? They can’t be that stupid.” Said Chudala.

This is part of the asuric agenda to weaken the human race for maximum die-off during the pralaya. I will give you full information about this agenda and their tactics, later.” Juan Tabo said.

Why doesn’t that ‘Creator Guy’ just make all the electricity with magic?

It is not efficient – everything is done the most efficient way and for electricity, nuclear is the way.

They were walking along a tree and flower lined path that curved around buildings and lakes, leading into the interior of the Community. Juan Tabo stopped at the entrance of a building that was like all of the other buildings Chudala had seen on their walk. They were dome structures, with three domes clustered together. The center dome was larger than the two outer domes. Each building was painted a unique color, all different colors, like huge flowers. There was an entry in the large dome and that is what they were now standing before. As we approached the entry, it opened automatically.

This is your apartment.” Juan Tabo said. “You have the one on the right.” He motioned with his hand to the right door of the three that were in the entryway. As they approached that door it automatically opened.

How do these doors know to open up for us and hopefully not for everyone who approaches?” Chudala said.

Your biodata is in the system. I put your data in the system this morning.” Said Juan Tabo.

What if there is a power failure? How do we get the doors open then?” Asked Chudala.

A power failure is highly unlikely. We do have two power plants, each one on opposite sides of the Community and each one has twice as much capacity as necessary to power the entire Community, indefinitely. If one should go down, the other takes over automatically. In the event of a total power failure, all interior doors immediately unlock and become ajar so they can be easily opened manually, and all exterior doors can be unlocked with this key.” Juan Tabo said as he handed a small key to Chudala.

Please keep this key with you at all times. It will open the main gate and the exterior door of your apartment building and your apartment door. See the lock there at the right of this door?” He said as he pointed to the lock.

The entryway into Chudala’s apartment is open and cheery with a large round window above the main door. Because of the domed shape, this window extends into the ceiling, like a skylight. You can see the trees and sky and it creates a wonderful open feeling. There are 3 doors, each a different color. Chudala’s door is bright red. She walks toward the door and it automatically opens inward as she approaches.

Wow! Thought Chudala as she surveyed the living room of her apartment. This is fantastic!

Entering the apartment, the first thing that you notice is the wall of triangular windows stretching across the back of the room. There is a planter along the bottom of this massive window – it is about 12 feet wide and 8 feet tall, made of many triangles (about 100). The window starts about 6 inches above the floor at the top of the planter, which appears to extend below the floor by some inches. In the planter are many flowers and broad-leafed plants that turn toward the western sun.

This is stunning! Thought Chudala.

The room contains a plush semi-circular sofa and 2 deep, soft chairs. There is a round table in the center. Lights are in the ceiling.

Many features of your apartment are voice controlled – and only your voice can control them. Say ‘brighter’” Juan Tabo said.

Brighter” Chudala said and the ceiling lights came on and slowly increased in brightness. “That’s good” she said and the lights stopped getting brighter. “Dark” she said and the lights went off and a blackout screen descended from the ceiling from a concealed panel and when it touched the floor the room was completely dark.

This is amazing!” Chudala said. “Normal light, please.” She said and the blackout screen returned to its home in the ceiling and the light were off. “So, this apartment understands what I say and even knows when I am speaking to it? It does not get confused with normal conversation?

Yes, that is correct. It is intelligent. Nothing that is said is recorded and there are no cameras. Your apartment has a computer, over here.” Juan Tabo motioned to a panel in the wall, to the right of the door and extended his hand to the panel. The panel opened and revealed a computer screen, keyboard and mouse on a table that extended about 2 feet from the wall, at a convenient height to stand and operate. “The computer is very easy to use, it is voice activated and it can tell you about itself and how to use it, if you ask. It controls everything in the apartment, including temperature, fresh air, and lighting. I will leave you to explore that at your convenience.

Chudala looked around the circular room and saw 2 doors, one in the wall to the right of the entry door (as you are facing away from that door) and one to the left. Boldly, she walked to the door on the right and it opened silently to reveal a room that contained a large white pyramid with bright copper trim. She walked into the room. The pyramid was very large – about 8 feet by 10 feet at the base with vertical walls that extended up about 30 inches, then the pyramid proper began and it went up to a peak that was about 9 feet above the floor. On one 8-foot side the vertical walls extended up about 7 feet and that wall contained a door. On either side of the door, the walls were covered with mirror tiles. The door was opposite the door into the bathroom. As she approached the door in the pyramid it silently slid open to reveal the bright copper interior of the pyramid. There was a low bed in the center of the pyramid.

This is your bedroom, Chudala.” Said Juan Tabo. “This large pyramid is your Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid where you will sleep. This pyramid is made of special panels (composed of alternating layers of conducting and insulating material) that attract and concentrate prana inside. So, your body is bathed in concentrated prana all night. That gives the devas of your body extra energy to heal and repair the body. Also, when the pyramid door is closed this is a grounded Faraday Cage that totally protects you from the debilitating chaotic electromagnetic radiation that they use to weaken all life.

Also, the pyramid shape is significant. This shape aligns your consciousness with the Celestial Realms, making it much easier for you to have Lucid Dreams and to engage in astral projection. The mattress is lined with bio-north magnets that provide additional healing capability. The headboard is also lined with bio-north magnets and contains 2 electromagnets that are connected to your Neurogenesis Vitara over here.” He motioned to a glowing device with a large black Shungite pyramid on its top.

“Please ask your computer about this device and the pyramid to get the full run-down. But, for now I will just say the Neurogenesis Vitara will cause your brain to create many new brain cells every night as you sleep. These brain cells will be special – they will be Satyug brain cells. In Satyug, the human race was very different than today’s variety of human being. Most notably, the average IQ was 100,000. This was because the brains of these humans had neurons that were not inhibited by individual karmic traces. Your Neurogenesis Vitara creates neurons that are like that. Over time, you will become remarkably intelligent!” Juan Tabo said.

Your apartment is also a Faraday Cage. Notice how all of the windows that are fixed contain glass with a fine copper mesh embedded, and the windows that open have copper screens. The walls and roof and floor of the building are made of basalt concrete and have also copper screens embedded in them. All of these conductors are connected so there are no holes larger than 0.1mm. This entire structure is grounded. 99% of all electromagnetic radiation is thereby blocked by the building itself, then the pyramid sleeping chamber repeats this blocking to achieve 99.9% blocking. If you had a cell phone, of course they are not permitted, you would not get even a very weak signal within the pyramid – zero bars.

No cell phones? Are there telephones? How are we to communicate with our families and the outside world?” Chudala asked.

You do have wired Internet into your central control computer and there are Ethernet jacks in every room so you can attach your computer. There is no wi-fi in the Community. You also have a VOIP account so you can call and receive calls over the Internet. Ask your computer for your phone number.

One of the greatest weakening influences that the global elite use on humanity is electromagnetic radiation. This influence is just going to get more and more dangerous to life in the coming years. In about 15 years there will a very dangerous energy that will make the Earth into a giant microwave oven, slowly cooking the people. There will be a dramatic rise of cancer as a result and many will perish. One of Amanda’s most important tasks is to defeat this agenda and legislate against this dangerous microwave energy that will be touted as the basis for what the call the ‘Internet of Things’. Their plan is to gain absolute control over the Earth and every live being. They want to be able to control who lives and who dies with their Internet of Things. Amanda will lead the charge to defeat this agenda.” Juan Tabo said.

Juan Tabo, we have to talk about Amanda!” Chudala said.

Yes, we will go into depth on that topic soon. But first let’s continue our tour of your apartment and the Community.” Juan Tabo said.

Chudala wandered into the bathroom, there was an oval jacuzzi tub, a nice rain shower and all that one expects to find in a bathroom.

Let’s see the kitchen!” Chudala said as she headed back to the living room. The door on the other side of the entrance must be the kitchen, she thought.

The door opened silently as she approached and it was the kitchen with a small table and 2 chairs. A normal kitchen, nothing special. Except, there were 12 ½ liter black bottles in the cupboard. “What’s this, Juan Tabo?” Chudala called.

Juan Tabo entered the kitchen and said. “That is your initial supply of Krishna C60 Amrit. You should drink 50 ml daily for the next few months. Space out the 50 ml over 12 hours. This will trigger your body to transition to a Satyug physiology.

What is in it?” Chudala said.

This is a bio-available solution of C60 and olive oil with CBD. It resets and tunes-up your Endocannabinoid System, clears all toxins from the body, then every cell in your body takes in 100 or more C60 molecules into the bi-lipid layer. When that critical level of 100 C60 molecules in every cell is reached, the body goes through a phase transition to become a Satyug physiology. Age reverses to 24, the spinal column starts to grow up the front of the body to meet the spinal cord at the base of the neck and 3 brains form along this new segment; one in the pelvic region, one at the navel and one at the level of the heart. You will look like a normal 24-year-old female and can keep this body for as long as you need to – 250 years should be plenty.” Said Juan Tabo.

Have you taken this Krishna C60 Amrit?” Asked Chudala.

I was born in 1937. Yes, I completed my transition to a Satyug physiology about 3 years ago.” Juan Tabo said.

You will use this kitchen normally for the next few years, then you will no longer need to eat physical food. Everyone here is either already transitioned to a prana only diet or is on their way. The prana diet is normal for a Satyug physiology – it was the diet of our Satyug ancestors.

Yikes! This is getting more bizarre by the minute! Now we don’t need food! He acts like what he is saying is normal. I feel a little bit scared, but mostly I am intrigued. What’s next? Thought Chudala.

You keep referring to ‘Satyug’. Please tell me more about this.” Said Chudala.

Sure.” Said Juan Tabo. “Our Universe has cycles of long periods called ‘yugas’. In each ‘Day’ of the Creator – and He has 360 days in His Year and lives for 100 of His Years – is divided into 1,000 cycles of 5 periods that total 8.64 million of our years. Each of these 5 period cycles begins with Sat Yuga or Satyug and this period lasts for 1.782 million years. During Satyug the human population is almost perfect and as a collective they generate very little karma and leave very few karmic traces, but some actions are taken that are not fully supportive of the Universe, so there is some degeneration by 1.782 million years. During Satyug the typical lifespan is 100,000 years and the diet after age 24 is prana only. Before 24 the children and young adults eat only fruit.

Wow! What incredible time to be alive! So we are going back there somehow?” Amanda asked.

Exactly. When the times transition to the next yuga, named Trita Yuga, lifespan has declined to 10,000 years and there is a comparable reduction in IQ. The citizens of Trita Yuga eat only fruit, but must eat fruit because their prana engine has declined in effectiveness to only supply about 70% of their required energy and 25% must come from physical food. This period lasts for 1.2 million years. Toward the end of Trita Yuga people start eating raw vegetables and some seeds and nuts. Of course, the killing of plants and eating of their seeds is not in accord with the Divine Karmic Traces so more individual karmic traces are created.

So, people are getting dumber and making more and more mistakes – it seems to be snowballing!” Said Amanda.

Right! When the next transition comes; the period is called Dwapara Yuga, the prana engine of the human body is now able to supply only 40% of the energy needs. The average lifespan is 1,000 years with a corresponding drop is average IQ. As the end of Dwapara Yuga comes, people are eating cooked vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds and even some cooked fish and poultry. This diet is productive of heavy karma to be inherited by their children. The period lasts for about 864,000 years.

Finally, Kali Yuga dawns. For us that was about 5,030 years ago. This is a time of monumental ignorance with an average IQ of about 100 and hardly no one lives to be 100 years old. Disease is rampant; it was unheard of in previous yugas. This Kali Yuga is especially bad and we are headed for a major pralaya already, only 5,000 years in to a 432,000-year period. The diet is highly destructive of life with all the emphasis on animal meat and even vegetables and grains are an afterthought with some token fruit thrown in. The prana engine can barely supply 10% of the energy needs.

Today people are either overweight or starving to death! That is only 4 periods, so what is after Kali Yuga?” Chudala said.

The pralaya comes after Kali Yuga and the entire Universe is destroyed and there is a period of 4.32 million years of no Universe. That is the 5th period. Then the cycle starts over again.” Juan Tabo said.

Wow! Everyone dies, there is nothing at all for 4 million years?

Yes, rest and activity is the basic cycle throughout Nature.

Ok, you said I would no longer eat food. How is that going to work? I am sure if stop eating, I will just waste away and die! So, there must be a plan.” Chudala said.

You will be on a diet of raw vegetables and fruit until you can sustain life on fruit only then the transition to a prana diet will take place. Gradually your prana engine will take over. The timetable for this is under the direction of the deva of your body and Kundalini. Everyone is different but typically 2-3 years should be sufficient to make the transition.” Juan Tabo said.

Deva of the body?

Your body has is own innate intelligence, right? Well this is the deva of your body and this is a being that you can communicate with. Chiropractors and Naturopathic Physicians know about this and use Kinesiology to communicate with the deva – to help determine what supplements the body needs, and so forth.” Said Juan Tabo.

Of course! Now I understand, but you don’t need to go to some doctor, you can communicate with the deva directly? Using a form of Kinesiology?

Exactly! Your Mentor will show you how.” Juan Tabo said.

Hey, so you are not my Mentor?” Chudala is feeling suddenly abandoned by the only person she knows in this community – which is her entire world now.

Not directly, for the day to day stuff you will have Kotari-devi. She is LOC 720 and very intelligent. You will meet her tomorrow. She actually lives in the first apartment in this building – green door. Of course, I will be around and we will see each other frequently.” He said, apparently sensing her feelings.

Com’ on, let’s go look at the rest of the community.” Juan Tabo said as he took her hand and turned to go out of the building.

As they stepped out into the bright sunlight, the sun was nearly overhead, the sky was blue and cloudless, straight ahead was a very large white pyramid. “That is where everyone below LOC 900 meditates, morning and night. There is a place for you in there at 3:30am and 7:30pm, starting tonight. I will show you where you sit.” They began walking toward the pyramid.

The big, white pyramid was beautiful. The color shimmered as if it was made of pearl. There were no window or door that could be seen from this side. It rested in a bed of flowers. The walkway that we were on stopped right in the center of the western facing side.

Let me guess – a door is going to magically slide open as we approach the pyramid, right?” Chudala said.

You are catching on!” Juan Tabo said as they approached the side of the pyramid and a large door opened in the side, at the end of the walkway.

They walked inside. From the inside the walls were transparent and you could see out. They were tinted to filter the blaring sun that was now overhead. The door slide shut behind them. It was dead silent inside the pyramid. There was a broad walkway all the way around the base and in the center, where apparently people would sit, the floor was soft like a foam mattress. There were many zafu cushions and neatly folded blankets, spaced out about 6 feet apart on all sides.

Here is where you sit.” Juan Tabo walked up to the edge of the foam area, almost directly opposite the door they came in and pointed to a place that was empty – no cushion and no blanket. “You will find a cushion and blanket in your closet.

I can’t wait to meditate in here with this big group! It will be an awesome experience for sure. Thought Chudala.

Juan Tabo, I know this probably seems retarded to you, but I am really hungry!

It’s fine. We have nearly 100 ‘eaters’ here now so you are not alone. There is a community fruit bar not far from here. Let’s go over there next.” Juan Tabo said.

They turned and walked toward the door and it opened and they walked out of the pyramid. They stopped at the fruit bar and Chudala ate 2 mangos, then they walked over to the University building – an interesting, huge gold dome structure that was about the same size as the meditation pyramid.

I think that is enough for now, you will explore and find the recreation center and the shops where you can get any personal items you need, cloths, sandals, candles, incense and all. There is no money here, just take what you need when you need it. There is always plenty so no need to hoard.” Said Juan Tabo.

Now let’s go meet Kotari-devi and she will tell you about our meditation program and all such details. I know you want to talk about Amanda and we will very soon – probably tomorrow afternoon. I will contact you. I am going to see Amanda tomorrow morning.” Juan Tabo said as they walked toward Chudala’s apartment.

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Cynthia Lamborne, Encinitas,CA , July 25, 2019 at 10:20 PM | Reply
I love it...I am not a writer so I dont have the experience and expertise to make constructive criticism,,,but I am enthralled enough to read a chapter yesterday and today,,,which is very unlike me especially in the middle of my really busy days at work and a particularly busy week.
Bejan, Lake Capala, Ahijic, Mexico , July 23, 2019 at 11:56 PM | Reply
The 1st chapter started very smoothly. Chapter 2 contains many details, but it flows very nicely. 'Asuric' term/agenda is not clear to non conversant audience; though this may already being addressed in next chapter, a brief opening reference is helpful (cann't remember if there was any in 1st chapter!). Equally chapter2 can benefit by a brief reminding reference as to why Chudala was recruited (although a very clear reference had been mentioned in chapter1).
I really liked the idea of 'Community Service' structure. Fantastic structural design of community dewellings! Enjoyed reading the story so far, and look forward continue reading.
Rajni Kant Dave , Kanpur up india , July 21, 2019 at 10:46 AM | Reply
Good continuation of 1st chapter. Looks easy to grasp for me as I am familiar reading your goloka study material but may require serious reading who are reading first time. If you wish I can check up the opinion of few friends who have no earlier exposure to such material... I wish things to move little slowly to grasp the concept well. Gloria good and creates excitemet to know the end. Good going. Best wishes
Tapani Vaulasto, Helsinki, Finland , July 20, 2019 at 3:38 PM | Reply
“Amanda’s clone was thinking: I am the original and SHE is the clone.”

This is good.

““Yes, we are both invisible; look at your hands.” Juan Tabo said.
Oh my God! Chudala thought. I cannot see my body!”

Excellent way to run the story.

8.64 million of our years.
1.72 million years
1.2 million years.
lasts for about 768,000 years
only 5,000 years in to a 432,000-year period
4.118 million years of no Universe.
total 8.64 million of our years.

Those numbers need partial recalculation.
1.72 + 1.2 + 0.768 + 0.432 + 4.118 = 8,238

Should be:
1.728 + 1.296 + 0.864 + 0.432 + 4.32 = 8,634


This chapter contains a lot of details described by fascinating way.

In the north Finland we have several mountains that shape is Dome like.

"They were dome structures, with three domes clustered together."

Actually I painted it ten years ago.
I was in Sweden. Over six weeks I painted solar system hanging on the PoleStar.

Grahas' circulation over the earth. They are connected with each other with a string going through each graha and coming back to the beginning = karma
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , July 20, 2019 at 4:37 PM | Reply
Thank you for the number corrections! I corrected the manuscript.
Kevin, LA, CA , July 18, 2019 at 4:42 PM | Reply
This is really nicely done. You threw in some very interesting details concerning nuclear and you incorporated the products into the story seamlessly. I like it. My version is totally different but I understand now looking at yours is what you want. I would not even know how to "tweak it." As an aside, Amanda's mentioning that she felt "retarded" about being hungry, I think, was really refreshing and it brought me back to the times when using that phrase was just funny and not critical or judgemental. Great job.

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Moksha is a central concept and included as one of the four aspects and goals of human life; the other three goals are dharma (virtuous, proper, moral life), artha (material prosperity, income security, means of life), and kama (pleasure, sensuality, emotional fulfillment). Together, these four aims of life are called Purushartha.

Moksha Dharma Artha Kama

Moksha is not merely an absence of suffering and release from bondage to samsara, but also the presence of the state of paripurna-brahmanubhava (oneness with Brahma, the One Supreme Self), a state of knowledge, peace and bliss.

Let's look more deeply into Moksha and discover its relative and Absolute levels. Moksha is more of a path than a destination.  Moksha is first realized when the individual has the direct experience of living in the present moment while witnessing the physical life going on by itself.

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