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Chudala: Chapter 3, Amanda's Little Project


Chudala: Chapter 3, Amanda's Little Project

Good morning dear!” Juan Tabo said to Amanda as she opened her eyes after morning meditation. He was sitting in front of her.

Holy Shit! You scared me! Juan Tabo, please! Can we just meet like two normal people without all this appearing and disappearing?

Sorry, Amanda. Next time I will ring your doorbell! How have you been in the last 24 hours?” Said Juan Tabo.

Honestly, I am crazy from all this! I can’t tell anyone because they will lock me up. Maybe I should be locked up. I have just gone about my day and night pretending all is normal but in my mind is the raging inferno of thoughts and questions. I need some answers please.” Amanda said.

Right, you deserve full disclosure on all that has happened to you in the last 48 hours. What do you need to know and I promise to not hold back on anything.

Let’s start with this clone business. I absolutely do not feel any different today than I did 2 days ago about my identity – I am Amanda Wilson and I have a full, unbroken memory of my life from about age 3 to this moment. I was never abducted by aliens, have never been in a coma and there is no unaccounted-for time in my memory of my life events. I am convinced that I am a real person. But you said yesterday, just before you and that other person, who looks just like me, disappeared right before my eyes, I am a clone of Amanda Wilson, who now goes by the name of Chudala and lives God know where at this time. Honestly, I don’t know why I am even talking to you, let alone asking you this question, but you seem to know everything, so who the hell am I?” Amanda said.

Amanda Wilson. This is who you are. There is a person named Chudala who is living in Mexico and she does look like you. The important thing is you have been chosen for a very important project that will literally save humanity from being destroyed. Yes, you did not exist as a person 26 hours ago, even though you have full memories of your life for the last 25 years. You see, dear, the world is not as it seems. We live in a colossal dream. You and I and everyone on Earth are not real – we only exist in the Mind of our Creator. We are all dream creatures in His Mind. Some of us were recently created as full grown human beings with memory that seem to tell us we have lived for many years in this dream, but actually we may be only a few days old. Most of us have been though a normal childhood, started out as new-born babies and all of that. But the fact is everyone on Earth is not real, we are all clones – you and I included.

No shit?” Said Amanda. “Well, that make about as much sense as anything in the last 24 hours. I guess it is my choice to just relax and believe you or keep going as I have been, and that has not been pretty in my head. I have heard about maya – the grand illusion that makes us think we are all real when we are not. So, I guess this is the same thing. Frankly, I have not thought about it much – maya. It just did not seem relevant to me. But now, I somehow feel this is the truth. Ok we are all fake people. Now what? What is the purpose of all this anyway?” She waved her around the room, filled with statues of various aspects of God. “Are these guys all fake too?

Not fake, but also not eternal. If we say that only things that are eternal, never ending, no beginning, these are the real things and everything that has a temporary existence, even if it is trillions of years in duration, is unreal. That is what I am saying. Not fake, just unreal from that perspective.” Juan Tabo said.

You know Amanda, this topic has perplexed man forever. To truly understand the nature of the Absolute (real and eternal) world and the relative (unreal, temporary) world means you have achieved Moksha. One day you will truly understand, I am sure. For now, let’s get back to the issue at hand. The world is filled with people who are, let’s face it, barely alive, just going through the motions of life; like zombies. Are they happy? Fulfilled? Do they feel a sense of destiny in their lives? No. They just don’t think about this stuff. A few in this group are awakening and they understand the purpose of human life is to achieve Moksha. You are one of this tiny minority of the zombies, Amanda.

This is a dismal perspective, Juan Tabo! I won’t argue with you about this, but it seems extreme comparing normal human beings to zombies.“ Said Amanda.

Maybe so, but what about these people who have put themselves into positions of power over these zombies. What do they think about? Money, power, being important, willing to do whatever is necessary to get more money, power and importance with no remorse or regard for those they trample along the way.

Ok, I detest this group for sure – they are scum sucking bottom feeders! Praying on the innocent people. Do you have any idea how rich they become at the expense of the common person? Of course you do.” Said Amanda.

Right. And finally, there are those who have power over these useless politicians and government bureaucrats and they have wealth that dwarfs the wealth of the so-called ‘wealthiest’ people. And, what do they think about? They live in abject terror, 24 hours a day. They have no life, except to be used by demons who possess them, like robot toys who must do the bidding of the crazy little boy who owns them. They know nothing of normal life.“ Said Juan Tabo.

Amanda, I am here to help you make a difference – to clean up the corrupt political system in the USA. I know you have had a peeve about this for some time. This will take some time and lots of work over the next 20 years but I can guarantee that you will be the first woman President of the United States.

There you go again! Making crazy statements! Just because you can appear and disappear at will and apparently think I believe the whole ‘clone’ thing, what makes you the expert on getting me or anyone elected to the presidency?” Amanda said.

I can also time travel and I have seen your inauguration in January of 2025. Just to convince you, I will take you with me, now – if you like.

What? Sure, let’s go to the future. This ought to be interesting! Do I have time to change? I am naked under this tunic. Who knows who we will meet in the freezing cold of DC in January!” Said Amanda.

Actually, you are fine, we will not be visible to anyone, we will be in the lower astral plane so we can see out but no one can see in.” Juan Tabo said.

How do you do this stuff? Appearing, disappearing, and now time travel? You know, you are a very mysterious person, Juan Tabo.” Amanda said.

Not really, I am just a normal human being. There was a time when all that I do was commonplace. You can help to bring back that time for humanity. Come, let’s go to DC and see your inauguration!” Juan Tabo said. “We will not be taking our bodies so we need to put them to sleep here on the floor. Here, lay down on your back.” He motioned with his hand as he laid down.

Now, take my hand and I will put our bodies to sleep; just let go and do not move your body.

Here we go! Thought Amanda. I never get straight answers from this guy, but for some reason I trust him. I am feeling a tingling sensation all over my body. This is pleasant. I had an OBE once – this feels like that.

Amanda blacked out. Then she realized she was floating about 5 feet above her body – she could look down and see her body on the floor, motionless, asleep, next to Juab Tabo.

Here we go” she heard in her mind and saw Juan Tabo pulling her up and up, out of the condo, above the city. It was like being in a helicopter. “Time is just another dimension in this realm.” She heard. Then everything blurred for moment and she was looking down on the Capitol Building from about 200 feet up.

Look, there I am! Amanda thought. I look old in that dark blue suit.

You are 20 years older.” She heard Juan Tabo say, in her mind. Is he reading my mind, now? “It is a big crowd – come to see the first woman President. You won by a big margin, almost 60% of the popular vote. Followed by Pence with 25% and the Dems ran a woman that bombed miserably with only 15% of the vote. You ran as an Independent and no one thought you would win. Your VP is Michael – another first.

Amanda experienced another blur and then she opened her eyes, back in the condo, laying on the floor.

The future is not guaranteed but this is the probable future if all goes well, and it should.” Juan Tabo said as he sat up, looking down on Amanda who was still laying on the floor.

She sat up.

Here is the game plan: next year, in 2006 you will be elected to the City Council and serve a 4-year term. Then in 2010 you are elected to the Congress of the United States. You serve 6 years then in 2016 you are elected to the Senate and you serve in the Senate until you are elected President in 2025. It is a fast rise to the top and all the way you are making headlines. Your focus is to enact legislation that empowers the common person. If any piece of legislation takes away the power of the people, you vigorously oppose it.

Ok, but one problem – Michael will never agree to by my VP. He will totally oppose this idea.” Amanda said.

Actually, that is not going to be a problem. You see, Michael is going to India soon for an extended stay. No one will miss him because a clone will be created to take his place here with you.” Juan Tabo said.

No way! Now we are both clones! Is the Michael clone going to know he is a clone? Because I cannot see Michael accepting that at all. And why is he going to India, of all places?

The Michael that is here – we will call him #2 - is going to know he is a clone and he will willingly accept that you are the boss. He will actually be created and operated by Chudala. You are a special clone because you are autonomous and have your own agenda and no one is controlling you. In fact, you and Chudala are the same being in the subtle realms beyond the physical – you just have 2 physical bodies. Normally, clones are independent physical beings and are like robots and are always under strict control of their creator.“ Said Juan Tabo.

I will always be available to help you with everything. We will meet frequently, in person like today. But, you are a free agent and no one will control you at all.

That is great. I do not work well when I feel I am being controlled. I spend all my energy rebelling!” Amanda said.

Yes, we know that about you and that quality is one of the reasons why you were chosen for this project.

What about #1 going to India. What is that all about?” Amanda said.

You are going to go into Moksha Level 1 and then Level 2 over the next few weeks. You will accomplish this so rapidly because you will have access to some Vedic Technology – these are physical devices called ‘vitaras’ that will greatly accelerate your progress. You already have one that I gave you when we first met?”

I have been meaning to tell you, that device is incredible! I feel like my experiences have really accelerated with its help.

Yes, and we have several others that will help even more.

Super! I love this! But what about Michael going to India?

We can see into the probable future and Michael will become jealous of your rapid rise to Enlightenment and the use of supernatural abilities. Of course, you want to help him and will offer to show him how to achieve Enlightenment rapidly as you did. But he will soundly reject this idea and instead go to India, find a guru and get enlightened ‘the right way.’” Said Juan Tabo.

So, you are basing a lot on the probable future. You could be wrong, right?” Amanda said.

Yes, many things can go wrong and very little may work out as we have envisioned it. Actually, we have a considerable opponent that will do its best to make all our plans fail. Nothing is certain. We have a major fight on our hands for the next 20 years. You are going to be attacked unmercifully and you could be killed. You must have supernatural powers just to repel the attacks and stay alive. Any day now the attacks will start.” Juan Tabo said.

Whoa! Who is going to attack me and why?

Remember the Rakshasas I mentioned when we first met? They can also time travel and sooner than later one of them will see the 2025 Inauguration that we saw today and all hell will break loose. You have a couple of weeks before the attacks start.

Holy shit! Now you just decide to tell me I am going to be killed!

Sorry, it is the nature of our work to be in conflict with the Rakshasas. They are tough opponents but we are stronger. I will not let them kill you before you can fight back. I have 8 body guards for you and they will keep you safe. Wanna meet the boys? They need to start work now.” Said Juan Tabo.

What? Do I have time to get dressed before these 8 men walk in on me?

Sure, go ahead and get dressed and we will be waiting for you in the living room.” Said Juan Tabo.

Amanda left the room to get dressed.

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Leslie Hathaway, Farmington, New Mexico , August 3, 2019 at 3:51 PM | Reply
I just have one comment on this chapter, elections happen on even years and the inauguration happens the following odd year so her inauguration would be January 2025. Trump’s inauguration was 2017 and his next inauguration will be 2021??.
I really like the story so far, if I was writing I know that I would get the character’s names mixed up and I think that happened in chapter 2 when it was supposed to be Chudala speaking, Amanda’s name was inserted instead.
Bejan, Lake Capala, Ahijic, Mexico , July 24, 2019 at 6:04 PM | Reply
I find the flow of story is smooth, though volume of information given to Amanda may not necessarily be fully absorbed by non conversant audience. However, I expect strong and dedicated character of Amanda will over come this. I enjoyed reading this chapter, and shortly will embark on to next one.
Kevin Trainor, LA, CA , July 20, 2019 at 10:49 PM | Reply
This subsequent chapters following #1, which was mediocre, are so wonderful and filled with interesting information. This chapter, though, it is, in the beginning difficult to understand who this character is, the clone or not. But that is an easy fix and I look forward to the next chapter.
Tapani Vaulasto, Helsinki, Finland , July 20, 2019 at 3:35 PM | Reply
Chudala: Chapter 3, Amanda's Little Project

"Let’s start with this clone business. ...hell am I?” Amanda said."

This inspires the readers and also good for movie. It demands much from the actor that she doesn't apologize any moment.

"“How do you do this stuff? Appearing, disappearing, and now time travel? You know, you are a very mysterious person, Juan Tabo.” Amanda said."

Here it came to my mind that this script is the best Game Engine ever written.

Next slush might appear too quickly - on this November.


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