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Chudala: Chapter 4, Star Wars

Amanda walked into the living room and saw 9 men seated there. Juan Tabo was the only one she knew. They all stood up.

Amanda, these are your body guards.” Juan Tabo proudly announced. The four men bowed, which looked out of character for them. The shortest one is at least 6 feet 1 and the tallest is 3 inches taller. They were standing is order of height, the shortest one on the left. They looked like military, dressed in kakis complete with desert sand boots. They all carried pistols in covered holsters and wore police-like belts with little ammo pockets. Definitely they did not look inconspicuous!

Why don’t these guys have red flashing lights on their heads?” Said Amanda. “I can’t walk around with these guys all day, this is ridiculous!

Ah, too much ‘body guard look’” Juan Tabo said.

Sorry, we will tone it down. Fellas, dress like any normal business person in San Francisco and conceal your guns.” Juan Tabo said, addressing the 8 men.

They all nodded in agreement. “We will go and change. Tom, Sam, Curtis and I are on duty now and we will be outside the door when you leave, Mam (addressing Amanda). Sorry for our appearance today.” The tallest one (Jason) said.

The 8 body guards left the condo by the front door.

Juan Tabo, how is this going to work? What am I supposed to do with this herd of giant men? Are these guys going to follow me around all day like puppies and be outside my door all night?” Said Amanda.

They are assigned to protect you and Michael. You will each have 2 body guards 24 hours a day. When you are home together, there will be 2 men at the front entrance and 2 at the back. They work in 12 hours shifts, 7 days a week. Shift change is 7am. These men are all clones and they have no other life than to protect you two. They live in the condo next door. They have 2 black SUVs and will drive you and Michael or follow you, as you like. The 4 who are off-duty physically are on-duty in the astral plane, so you are both totally protected.“ Juan Tabo said.

These guys never sleep? I have no idea how to tell Michael about all of this.

They are on astral plane duty when their bodies are sleeping. There is always one on the lookout on the astral, 24x7. You can say you have decided to embark on a political career and your sponsors are concerned about your safety because of your agenda so they have provided the body guards for both of you.” Juan Tabo said.

Right. He will just say ‘ok’, no questions, I am sure.” Amanda said.

I think you are right, Amanda. Even though you are being sarcastic, Michael will quickly come to know how important these guards are.” Said Juan Tabo.

Ok, I need to go to work. Are these guys ready to play taxi?

Yes. And, please go to City Hall today and register for the upcoming City Council election. Registrations close today. You will be asked what your political party is, so put “Independent’”. Juan Tabo said. Then he vanished.

I can’t believe this! Thought Amanda. An hour ago my life was sort of normal, if you think being a clone is normal, but now this is totally crazy! Ok, suck it up and go to work.

Amanda opened the front door and there was no one there! Great! She thought. Already they are AWOL.

She turned to lock the door and felt the presence of someone behind her. Afraid to turn around, she slowly looked over her shoulder that there they were.

Where do you guys hide?” Amanda said.

We try to be invisible as much as possible. Just know we are always watching and you have nothing to worry about. Do you need a ride?” Jason asked.

Yes, please. Look I am scared shitless now so don’t let me down!” Amanda said.

You can count on us!” Jason said. “Please lead the way and Curtis will follow while I go for the car.

The 20-minute drive to the office was uneventful. These guys apparently can make themselves invisible. Amanda thought. That will solve a lot of problems. Just as long as they don’t materialize right in front of someone at the office!

Jenny, block off 2 hours for my lunch today. I have some errands to run.” Amanda said to her assistant as she walked into her private office.

She had an appointment with a vendor and several calls to make so that took the morning to accomplish. At noon she walked out of the office and waited for the elevator. Where are those guys? She thought. The elevator door opened and there were Jason and Curtis already in the elevator.

Are there two of you with Michael now?” Amanda asked.

Yes, they are invisible until Michael knows about us.” Jason said.

Ok, that will be convenient, just keep it that way for a few days while I try to figure out how to tell Michael.” She said.

Where to?” Jason said.

City Hall first. Then please take me to Judahlicious on Judah Street for lunch. You guys can join me if you want to.” Amanda said. Damn, this is handy! No more taxies. She thought as she climbed in the back as Jason opened the door of the SUV.

Thank you for the offer, but we never eat when on duty.” Jason said.

The registration was uneventful and the day went smoothly. Amanda told Michael about the registration at dinner. He was surprised but thought it would be good for business. After dinner, Amanda excused herself to go into the temple room.

I need to talk to Juan Tabo. She thought. Oh God, here we go again! I did not just think that! Better get ready for meditation. And I did not think that either! You need to take a shower and put on your meditation tunic. What? Juan Tabo! Are you thinking in my mind now? Yes. I have no privacy! Sorry. You will know when I am in here. I will leave now. Interesting, I do feel different, he seems to be gone.

Amanda quickly took a shower and put on a meditation tunic. She opened the door to the meditation room and gasped from the shock at what she saw. The room was totally different! It contained a huge white pyramid. That’s it! The pyramid reached up into the skylight so it must be 12 feet tall. It was probably 12 feet at the base too. There were vertical walls that rose up about 3 feet on 3 sides and on the side with the door it was about 7 feet. Then the pyramid was on top of that. She walked around the massive structure – there was 3 to 6 feet of room on the sides (the room was quite big).

The 7-foot side with the door was directly across from the door into the room. As she approached this door it quietly slid open. Inside she could see the entire contents of her meditation temple, all the statues, even the big ghee lamp was there and it was burning. There was what looked like a mattress on the floor, in the center of the pyramid. Juan Tabo was sitting there, smiling.

How do you like my modifications to your meditation room?” Juan Tabo said.

Wow! This is awesome! I love it! The walls are all covered in metal – copper?

Yes, this is a Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid. It will totally protect you from chaotic electromagnetic radiation and it concentrates prana inside to give your body a prana-rich environment, plus the pyramid shape is excellent for deep meditation. This is where you should stay from 8pm to 8am every day.” Said Juan Tabo.

Oh, Michael is going to love this! Do I get any nights off?

It will be best if you don’t engage in any of your normal nightly activities for a while – you will make faster progress, and we need to get you up to speed quickly.” Juan Tabo said.

I am going to give you a special long meditation that includes 47 yoga sutras and 4 advanced techniques. This meditation is 2 hours in length and you should practice it twice in here, once before going to sleep and again at 4am then go back to sleep for an hour and a half. When you go to sleep, your body will sleep but your mind will not. You will engage in practicing Astral Projection and Lucid Dreams all night. You will make rapid progress to LOC 700 with this program.” He continued.

Juan Tabo then gave the advanced meditation instructions to Amanda and left. Amanda was excited to have this new program and immediately put it into practice. The night passed quickly and blissfully. The sun was up, she was sitting on the mattress and she heard the door to the room open.

What the heck!” She heard Michael say. She got up and went toward the pyramid door and it opened. There was Michael standing with his mouth open, jaw dropped, in amazement.

Happy day dear! How do you like what I have done to the place?” Amanda said.

Amanda, I never know what to expect from you! Our life is like a bizarre reality TV show. We need to talk about all of this. I have to get to the office, are you coming in today?” Said Michael.

Yes, I am right behind you in about an hour. Let’s talk tonight over dinner. I have many new things to share with you!” Amanda said.

Ok, dear. Love you!” Said Michael as he turned and left the room.

Love you!” Amanda called after him.

The ride to work was interesting. Just a few minutes from the condo, a black SUV with black windows tried to run them off the road as they were going around a curve with a sheer drop-off into the canyon below on the passenger side. Just a flimsy guardrail saved them and the expert driving of Curtis who managed to jerk the vehicle back onto the road as the speeding black SUV vanished around the curve ahead. Curtis stopped the car on the shoulder and turned to look back at Amanda.

Sorry mam, that was close! Are you ok?” Curtis said.

Uh yes, all ok here. Nice driving, I thought we were going over the edge!” Amanda said.

Jason called from outside the vehicle. “There is a lot of damage here but it is drivable.” Jason got back into the car.

Looks like they have noticed you, mam. Now we’ll start earning our paychecks. Don’t worry, we are better than anything they can throw at us. You are totally safe.” Jason said.

Curtis, we need to vary our route every day.” Jason said.

It was a normal day at the office for Amanda. She returned home at 6 and prepared dinner for the two of them. Michael arrived just before 7.

The Giama execs came by again today.” Michael said as he sat down at the table.

I think Giama is in the pocket of the global elite. I don’t trust them.” Amanda said.

What? Nah they just want to eliminate the competition. They made another offer. This time $80 million. It is tempting, we could retire before age 30! Go live in the Caribbean and drink Mai-Tais all day on the beach.” Michael said.

That won’t work for me, Michael. I want to make a difference in the world. I just started my political career. Also, I want to get enlightened – I can really make a difference as an enlightened politician, don’t you think?” Amanda said.

I don’t understand why you want to get involved with politics. It is a dirty world.” Said Michael.

I met a new teacher a few days ago and he is really helping me. He is the one that brought in the pyramid in my mediation room and he has given me some tools, called Vedic Vitaras, that he says will accelerate my progress. He thinks I can be in God Consciousness in a few weeks! No one moves that fast. His name is Juan Tabo and it was his idea that I get into politics.” Amanda said.

What is all this costing?” Said Michael.

So far we have not even talked about money.

That is not good! You need to nail this guy down on the price right away. I don’t want to find out we owe him a ton of money all of a sudden.” Michael said.

He is not about the money, Michael. This teacher is different. He has incredible abilities and probably never even gives a thought about money. Yesterday we time traveled to 2025. He took me because I don’t yet have that ability on my own, but he says I will very soon. Last night I had an OBE and several Lucid Dreams. This is a first for me – I have been plateaued for 10 years, now I am taking off like a rocket!” Amanda was animated.

There are no short cuts to get enlightened. He is just making a show and will probably drop the hammer soon. Get ready for the bill. This guy is a con.” Said Michael.

Michael, he is for real and I am having the experiences of a lifetime in just the last 2 days. Remember that dream I had 3 or 4 days ago? About someone who will materialize in my office?” Amanda said.

Yeah – what happened with that crazy dream anyway?

It happened in real life just like the dream! He actually materialized in front of me in the office. Then is disappeared the same way at the end.” Amanda said.

Ok, this guy is a magician, that’s all. No one can really do that kind of stuff.” Said Michael.

No, no, he is real. Anyway, I have to go now, it is almost 8 and I start my all-night program.” Amanda said.

Is this every night?

Yes, for a while I need to do this extensive program every night. I am sorry, but this is very important to me.” Amanda said.

I don’t like this! You are my wife and you should be in bed with me every night.

Actually, I don’t belong to you like your phone. I am a person and you know enlightenment is my number one priority.” Amanda said.

Even at the expense of our marriage?” Said Michael.

We don’t have to go there Michael. I will soon be in God Consciousness. Juan Tabo says just a few weeks! Then my program will change.”

God Consciousness in a few weeks? Now I know this guy is a con.

Please, Michael! I just need a few weeks at night.” Amanda said.

Ok, but probably you are being conned and hopefully you will realize it in a few days.” Michael said.

Amanda left the dining room; Michael was still seated at the table. He did not look happy.

The next few days flew buy with no more attacks, but Amanda was having incredible experiences. Every night was the wildest and most experience rich time of her life. She found that she could read the thoughts of other people just by focusing on them with that intention. She could even make herself invisible – that was the flashiest thing ever. Standing in front of a mirror and watching herself disappear really gave us goosebumps.

It has been a week since their conversation at dinner about Juan Tabo. Michael, ostensibly, had to go to Munich to meet with European suppliers and will get back this evening. Amanda wants to tell Michael about her experiences tonight at dinner.

It had been a quiet week with Michael away, until 2 nights ago when Juan Tabo came to take her to Germany (at 4am yesterday) to show her what Michael was up to. They took an astral projection journey and found Michael in a castle, surrounded by several very young girls. They were probably 14 or 15 years old and were all fawning over Michael like he was a rock star. He was enjoying it all and snorting cocaine periodically. There were several Rakshasas around in the astral plane, also observing the festivities. Amanda and Juan Tabo were not visible so the Rakshasas did not know they were there.

He just sold the company to the Giama group, who are controlled by the German Illuminati.” Amanda heard Juan Tabo in her mind. “These Rakshasas are the controllers of this branch of the German Illuminati. They are trying to get Michael compromised with these young girls so they can control him with blackmail in the future. There are cameras recording this whole festival. We have to get Michael out of here before he takes one of the girls for sex. His body guards are going to barge into the room, dressed as German Police, and scare the dickens out of him.

Just then, there was a loud knock on the door and a voice in English with a German accent called through the door. “Mr. Wilson! Open the door! It is the Police!

Michael paled and scurried to hide the cocaine, tuck in his shirt, and the girls ran into the adjoining bedroom. “Just a minute!” He called. Then he went to the door and opened it. “Hello, what can I do for you?

Mr. Wilson, we have reports of some orgy going on here with underage girls. May we come in?” One of the policemen said.

Oh yes, come on in. Nothing like that is happening here. I am just having a quiet evening before I return to America tomorrow. I am here on business with Giama.” Said Michael. His face was flushed and he was obviously nervous. He had never done anything like this before.

The police came into the living room of Michael’s suite and looked around then they went toward the bedroom door. Michael paled and blurted out “Uh, would you guys like a drink?

No thank you Mr. Wilson, we are on duty. We need to check this room too please.” The lead officer said as he opened the bedroom door. They both went inside. Michael was looking around wildly for a way to escape. He did not dare to go into the bedroom. He heard the officers talking to each other. “Nothing here, all clear.” The girls apparently were hiding or maybe they found a way out of the room.

We apologize for disturbing you this evening.” The lead officer said as he came out of the bedroom. “Sometimes we get crank calls but we have to always follow up.” As they went to the door he said. “Have a good evening Mr. Wilson.” And they left the suite.

Michael was shaking. He ran into the bedroom and found it empty.

During all of this, the Rakshasas were being engaged in a battle by the other body guards and they did not see what was taking place in the suite. It was quite a show! Like a Stars Wars episode. They all had light sabers and were going at it.

Juan Tabo, is this real? I mean, do you really fight on the astral plane with light sabers?” Thought Amanda.

Yes, Star Wars is quite accurate, but almost everyone watching thought this was portrayed as happening on the physical plane. Many of the events in Star Wars take place in the astral realm and is actually going on all the time as the actual war between the forces of the Rakshasas and the agents of Lord Vishnu. George Lucas had some astral experiences that he wanted to share so he created the science fiction novel that was actually based in true astral plane experiences.” She heard Juan Tabo think.

Interesting perspective! I saw the movies and thought this was trite and unbelievable at the same time. Now when I think back with an astral plane perspective, it makes perfect sense.“ Amanda thought to Juan Tabo.

It is the basis of Star Wars in actual astral plane experiences that caused it to resonate so well with the people. They actually could relate to this from their own astral experiences that they could not bring into focus in their physical minds.” Juan Tabo thought.

They returned to Amanda’s pyramid and back into their physical bodies.

That Michael is a rascal!” Said Amanda.

Yes he appears to be a rascal. Don’t be too hard on him, he is being deluded and manipulated by the Illuminati. They want to use him to get to you. You are the main target. His body guards will keep him safe.” Juan Tabo said.

It has been really quiet here and no one has tried to run me off the road since that one time. I wonder what they are up to? I asked Jason and he said there had been 3 attacks in the astral plane that he or his team had thwarted. I did not even notice! Jason said that meant they were doing their job well.” Said Amanda.

Juan Tabo left and Amanda went to the office as usual. She arrived home at 6 and made dinner. Michael came home from the airport just before 7.

Just in time!” Amanda said as she put the salad on the table, next to the vegan lasagna.

This looks great!” He said but Amanda could tell he was thinking “oh crap, that vegan lasagna again!

I am sorry, I didn’t know you had a problem with the lasagna – you should have told me.” Amanda said.

No, no, it is fine! Where did you get the idea that I do not like it?

Well, dear, that is one of my new abilities – I can see what you are thinking. Sorry, it seems like an invasion of privacy.” Said Amanda.

What! I don’t know what to say.

It’s ok. I won’t do that again on you. Now I feel guilty. I have been manifesting several of the siddhis and it is so exciting for me. I don’t know how to handle all this. For one thing, there is a sutra for knowing the structure of the Universe and I have the clear experience that the Earth is not a spinning globe. It is really a flat disk that sort of hangs like a chandelier on etheric cords from the pole star. And the sun and moon are orbiting above the Earth plane. They are actually quite close, only a few thousand miles.” Amanda said.

So, this is stupid! Everyone knows the Earth orbits the Sun at a distance of 93 million miles! We have all these scientists and NASA who have it all figured out. Are you saying all these people are either lying or incredibly dumb?” Michael was flabbergasted.

I think they think they know, based on their theories, but their theories are wrong. I can clearly see that the Earth is the center of the Universe and definitely is not a spinning globe.” Said Amanda.

Watch me. I am going to become invisible now.

Michael choked on the salad he was chewing.

Are you ok Michael?

Are you?” Said Michael in that hoarse voice one gets just after choking on something.

Just watch.” Amanda closed her eyes and performed samyama on the sutra that causes the contact of the eye of the observer and the light of her body to be broken. Gradually over a period of 60 seconds, she appeared to dissolve into nothing right before Michael’s eyes. Then she stopped the sutra and he body gradually became visible again.

Michael was staring with his jaw dropped and mouth open. Then he caught himself and said: “That was an interesting trick – how did you do that?

I just did samyama on the invisibility sutra. It works for me. Everyday another sutra starts working. It is due to the incredible devices that Juan Tabo has given me. They are called Vedic Vitaras. You should let me show you and I can help you master all the siddhis.” Said Amanda.

Amanda, this is ridiculous! You have just mastered some magic tricks from that con-man. The only way to get enlightened is to get a real guru and actually do the work. There are no machines that can help you.” He said.

Well, I have news too. I sold the company to Giama for $85 million cash. Now I am free to do whatever I want. I have been working 12 hours a day for the last 3 years and it has finally paid off. First thing I am going to do is go to India and get enlightened. I figure maybe a year, tops. Then I will come back, you will be over this crazy thing you are doing and we can have a fantastic life sailing around the world in big yacht that we are going to buy. How about that news?” Michael said.

Of course, you are not going to believe me, but I knew you were going to go to India for about 2 weeks now. And how can you sell the company? Don’t I own half of it?” Said Amanda.

Yes, technically because we are married you own half of everything, but we did not get around to actually putting stock in your name, so I owned 100% of the company, on paper. Sorry, I should have told you about it, I actually did it in Germany – that is where the principal of Giama lives. Anyway, it’s done now and, in a few days, when the dust settles, I am heading to India. Do you remember my old college buddy, Jack? He has been in India for the last few years at the ashram of Sri Sri Chandra Bali and he said this guy is the real deal so I going to Bangalore to meet him. Do you want to come too?” Said Michael.

Chandra Bali? Uh, no thanks. Michael, I wish you well on your journey. I am going to be very busy here with my political career and meditation program.” Amanda said.

No problem, the money is being transferred to our investment banker, Monty Guild of Guild Investments. He will manage everything and you will get a debit card that is connected directly to our asset account. Also, you will get a checkbook to that account. You don’t need to go into the office anymore, just run by tomorrow and pick up your personal things and say good bye to your staff. I am doing the same. They are integrating our business into theirs and at first everyone keeps their jobs and it is business as usual. We are free! It feels great!” Said Michael.

Yes, this will be an interesting change for sure. Michael, it is 8 now and I have to go start meditation. See you in the morning! Have a lovely night.” Amanda said as she left the room.

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A. J., New Jersey , July 25, 2019 at 12:32 PM | Reply
QUESTION: "According to the ancient Vedic texts there is a natural sequence of Yugas or Ages which are characterized by different degrees of purity, orderliness and living in harmony with Nature. According to these texts we are in the beginning of a period known as 'Kali Yuga', an age that lasts thousands of years [432,000] and is characterized by suffering because man does not live in tune with God's Will and Laws.

My question is this: How can we expect societies around the world to be receptive to your ideal teaching and start living a life in harmony with Nature during an age where the natural tendency is to violate God's Natural Laws and suffer the karmic consequences?"

MAHARISHI: There are two sides of this answer. One is: in the beginning days when I came out in the world, out from the Himalayas, this question may have been asked, 'How will it be? How will it be?' But now it's an established fact. A few -- 2, 3, 4 million people -- are practicing this thing and they are enjoying that which is recorded in the literature.

It is no more a question of how Kali Yuga will be there. Kali Yuga will be there, because that is the prediction of the value of time today. That is all right. We don’t deny that thing. We don’t deny the darkness from 6 o’ clock, 7 o’clock in the evening till 5 o’clock in the morning. There will be darkness. This is forecast. This is forecast, excepted that in the night we light the lamp and remain in the light in our own home even though all around is darkness.

So, the time of Kali Yuga is there, but in our own individual environment we can live in enlightenment. That is through Vedic awakening in our own awareness. It is true, time of Kali Yuga, but it is true that during the time of Kali Yuga we can live in light, in our own home, in our own home. That is the solace even when we accept the time of Kali Yuga."
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , July 25, 2019 at 12:40 PM | Reply
Dear Friend,

Thank you for your thoughtful question - I a very happy it has been asked. I have been wanting to write about this for a while.

Naturally, people will act from whatever is their level of consciousness. Today 85% of the population is below Level of Consciousness 207 so they must act in a way that will perpetuate the darkness of Kali Yuga, and create even more and more karma. Literally threatening to overload the Universe with karma. Hence we have the sorry state of affairs in our world.

However, if we raise world collective consciousness from its current level of 207 to 340, then every person on Earth will feel the effect. Then 85% of world population will be below 340 LOC and that is a major upgrade for everyone. Look at the levels of consciousness for 85% of the world now:
1-20) You feel humiliated and have low self-esteem, and may be paranoid. There is a feeling like you have “lost face,” wishing that you could be invisible, and feeling worthless. Perhaps you react by becoming overly rigid or a neurotic perfectionist. If these feeling continue for some time you feel a sense of elimination (of self and others), such as suicide, turning into a moral extremist who applies self-righteous judgment onto others. Your life view at a state is misery.
30) You have feelings of guilt, blame and remorse. These feelings are used to consciously or subconsciously manipulate your conformance to certain forms of thinking and behaviors. These experiences cultivate destruction. Your view of life is condemnation of self and others.
50) You experience a state of apathy, helplessness, despair, and despondency. You are needy and dependent on others for help. The experience of life feels “heavy” and is seen as a burden.There is abdication, which means to give up one’s power to others. Your life view is hopelessness.
75) You have feelings of grief, regret, sadness and loss. Many people vibrate at this level in times of loss — of loved ones, relationships, possessions, jobs, and wealth. The outcome is mourning, feeling remorse, regret, and being hung up over what has happened. While grieving you feel despondent and bleak about the world and life around you and your life view is tragic.
100) You feel fear and anxiety. Common kinds of fear at play would be the fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear of challenges, fear of aging, fear of death, fear of loss, and fear of strangers. Fear leads to paranoia and can turn into an obsession. You view everything uncertain as fearful and undergo a state of withdrawal. Your fear prevents personal growth from taking place. You see the world as frightening.
150) You feel anger and hate. Your anger expresses itself as resentment, frustration, even revenge. Common manifestations of anger in our society today can be seen in people’s irritable behavior, toxic conversations on the internet, arguments between family members, and at the worst end of the spectrum, murder and war. Because anger is a highly charged feeling, someone who channels this energy constructively could create positive change — such as via activism (of animal rights, human rights, environmental causes, etc.). On the other hand, people who use anger destructively such as to shame, hate, and harm others, create more destruction. The process one undergoes is aggression. The life view here is antagonistic, where one is hostile, unfriendly, and acts in opposition against others.
175) You feel pride and scorn as the dominant feeling of pride. Your pride is based on possessions and career achievements. Your pride results in denial and arrogance and you have an inflation of ego and are not able to see things objectively. The life view here is demanding.

Now after the shift to 340 the whole spectrum shifts upward by 140 points so we have then 85% of the world below 340 and this will characterize their lives:
175) You feel pride and scorn as the dominant feeling of pride. Your pride is based on possessions and career achievements. Your pride results in denial and arrogance and you have an inflation of ego and are not able to see things objectively. The life view here is demanding.
200) You feel courage and affirmation is the key emotion here. You create change by constructive uses of power rather than destructive force. You see the world as exciting and filled with possibilities. You feel empowerment. There is an active pursuit of growth. When you see a gap in your knowledge and abilities, you will act to fill it. For example, learning new job skills, embarking on further education, pursuing personal growth, learning meditation. The life view is feasible – anything is manageable since you are willing to act to deal with uncomfortable situations in life. You recognize that your happiness lies in your hands.
250) You feel neutral, trust and safety. You are non-judgmental, objective, and able to see things as they truly are. You are not attached to possessions, situations, results, and can roll with the punches in life. If you are not able to get something, you are equally happy settling for something else.
This is NOT the same as apathy – the power of neutrality comes from a positive place, where one recognizes his/her power, ability, and worth, and does not feel the need to prove anything to anyone. On the other hand, apathy comes from feeling forsaken, resulting in nonchalance and jadedness toward the external world. The process is one of release (of everything). The life view is satisfactory, where anything goes. You are easy to get along with but you find it to engage toward causes and visions because you are detached toward everything.
310) You feel willingness and optimism runs high. You are open to do anything and everything and you are not restricted by others’ judgments or limitations. For example, you are willing to take on menial jobs if you cannot get jobs elsewhere. You are passionate about doing things well rather than just doing things. You can readily bounce back from setbacks, are easily mold-able, and genuinely open to everyone. Success follows you easily. Your life view is hopefulness.

Sure, there will still be some in LOC 150 and below but they will be the tiny minority. Can you imagine a world with LOC 340? It will definitely be much more peaceful, I would say almost totally peaceful. Individuals, in the main, will be living lives of growth and empowerment. Positivity and prosperity will be rampant. World leaders will be elected to represent this new level of collective consciousness and almost all corruption and crime will vanish from governments. There will just be no support for the scum sucking bottom feeders that characterize the government leaders of today. While we will still be in Kali Yuga, the threat of a world-wide karmic reset with billions of lives lost, will be gone. Still society on the whole will not be enlightened and mistakes will abound, but this will be a normal Kali Yuga and will easily last for another 427,000 years. Hence, objective reached!

When a man is drowning in a turbulent ocean and suddenly finds himself on a beautiful sunny beach with coconuts and mangoes all around, his life changes dramatically for the better. He finds himself lifted from anger, fear and apathy to be one of the vast majority of world population that will be ripe for achieving Moksha! They will naturally seek out ways to further elevate their consciousness, and begin meditation and other sadhana practices. This could be the start of a phase transition in world collective consciousness where millions or even billions achieve Moksha in their lifetime.

The thing to keep in mind is that Kali Yuga will not just spontaneously "be there" for the next 427,000 years - its existence must be actively maintained by Lord Vishnu. It is in danger of totally collapsing today - ending prematurely after only a few thousand years. It is the job of Lord Vishnu to make sure that does not happen. Krishna saw the probable future that spelled an end to Kali Yuga at just about this time. But that does not mean it is inevitable. Lord Vishnu is empowered and determined to not let that happen. I believe He will succeed with His Ekam Vitara Network. Of course, we must do our part and grow this Network to one million strong.

Jai Guru Dev,

Tapani Vaulasto, Helsinki, inland , July 23, 2019 at 4:06 AM | Reply
In general,
Amanda’s behavior is too cool because she is not yet in Good Consciousness.

But her lifestyle is exactly what many great women want.

Just two sentences to remind of this in Chapter 1:
“about 45 minutes total, and I am at a plateau. Experiences are zero, meditation is usually boring, and I am no closer to moksha now than I was 10 years ago.”

One of these reminders might belong to Amanda’s story to her man in dinner.

Maybe two or three different words here: “called Vedic Vitaras, that he says will accelerate my progress. He thinks I can be in God Consciousness in a few weeks! No one moves that fast.”

Like: I can transfer from a plateau to God Consciousness. Almost from desert.

Or playing with words: from desert to dessert.

“Actually, I don’t belong to you like your phone. I am a person and you know enlightenment is my number one priority.” Amanda said.

This is good

“She found that she could read the thoughts of other people just by focusing on them with that intention”

Intention - it is reality

“Every night was the wildest and most experience rich time of her life. She found that she could read the thoughts of other people just by focusing on them with that intention. She could even make herself invisible – that was the flashiest thing ever. Standing in front of a mirror and watching herself disappear really gave us goosebumps.”

dream word might be needed here

Star Wars or Harry Potter. Depends on target

“It is really a flat disk”


““Yes, this will be an interesting change for sure. Michael, it is 8 now and I have to go start meditation. See you in the morning! Have a lovely night.” Amanda said as she left the room.”

Amanda’s office hours
Kevin Trainor, LA, CA , July 22, 2019 at 9:48 PM | Reply
I think you probably realize some parts are moving way too fast i.e. selling the company, for one. But I think you want to do that and it moves things along to parts you like to talk about. I like and I am getting used to the pace as I'm sure the reader will. You are really cutting the fat off what could be an unnecessarily long publication. So... I like it. As mentioned the first chapter is weak and you want that to be the strongest! Because that is when people will decide if this is worth the time to invest in reading. You also have likeable characters. Michael selling the company without Amanda's acknowledgement Fix that. He sells it and thinks she'll be happy, is a better way to go. Makes him look weak and makes Amanda looked "played." On the whole I like it very MUCH! Moves fast.

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