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Chudala: Chapter 5, India!


Chudala: Chapter 5, India!

Chudala is feeling sort of left out. She doesn’t know what Amanda is up to until there is an astral projection and suddenly, she is there, first in DC at the inauguration and recently in Germany watching a Stars Wars sort of duel with the Rakshasas. How is this happening? What is going on with Michael? She wonders.

Chudala is finishing early morning meditation as the sun is just starting to come up. She leaves the large central meditation pyramid and there stands Juan Tabo. She has not seen him in person, or whatever he is in that body that she is familiar with, for several days.

Juan Tabo! This is a pleasant surprise!” She says.

Nice to see you Chudala! Come, let’s walk.” Juan Tabo says. “I would like to bring you up to speed with what Amanda and Michael are doing.

You know, I was just thinking about that. Funny that you would show up wanting to talk.” Chudala said.

It is all on the level of intuition – a very subtle but accurate form of communication. I knew this was the right time to talk to you. So, Michael sold the company to the German Illuminati for $85 million and now he is off to India to get enlightened.

Yes, I somehow was with you when he was in Germany and I knew about the sale – I am not sure how I knew.” Chudala said.

Of course, you realize that you and Amanda are basically one person is two physical bodies. If you just allow your intuition to come through, you will know everything she is doing because you both share the same pranamaya kosha and all subtler bodies. She is having the same issue, wondering what you are up to. In time, you will both know everything about other. Then the trick will be to keep Amanda’s stuff on one side and your memories separate.” Juan Tabo said.

You will be creating a clone of Michael to work with Amanda. Michael is going to be gone in India for many years. After about 1 year, he is going to appear to come back as a fully enlightened man, dedicated to helping his wife with her political career. That will be your Michael clone.

Juan Tabo! I have no idea how to create a clone!” Chudala said.

It is ok, you will learn. You have a year.” Juan Tabo said.

Back in San Francisco, Amanda and Michael are getting ready to go to the office for the last time.

Michael, wait for me. Let’s go in together today.” Amanda said.

Sure, take your time. I am feeling totally laid back now, a ton of responsibility has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel great!” Michael said. “It is like I am starting a new life.

The goodbyes at the office are emotional; not a dry eye in the group! Most of the employees had worked together from the start and were delighted with the success of the company in just 3 years. And now there is concern over the uncertainty of the future when they are controlled by their biggest competitor. Michael assures them that Giama will be continuing to employ them all and the future is bright and more secure than ever. There are hugs all around as Michael and Amanda leave the office.

It is so hard to say goodbye to everyone.” Amanda said. “But I am so excited about the future!

It is true, but it was a good move for us. Now we are both free to explore our passions. I am leaving for India tonight. And we need to go to Guild Investments and finalize some details.” Michael said as he pulled the car out of the parking space.

They went to see the financial manager then back home. Michael immediately began packing. Michael still does not know about the body guards.

I think I will not tell him about the body guards. It will only cause him to worry. Amanda thought. I hope this Chandra Bali is the real thing and he gets enlightened.

Amanda sits on the bed and watches Michael pack. What a dufus! I do love him and I am going to miss him. She thought.

I will call you when I arrive and know more about what I will be doing and where. There is a good chance that where I am going there will be no cell phone service and I will not be able to call you very often.” Michael said.

Hey, no problem! I have super powers so I will just keep an eye on you from here.” Amanda said, facetiously.

Oh right! Your super powers.” He was being sarcastic. “Do they work both ways? Like a cell phone?

No, but just know I will be watching you so be good!” Amanda played along.

They had lunch together and did not talk about super powers again. Michael was edgy about that. After lunch they prepared to go to the airport.

Michael, I don’t like to drive your new Corvette so can we take a car service to the airport?” Amanda said. Michael was so picky about his new car, if there was any tiny scratch she would definitely catch hell. Plus, it is too skittish to drive – too much power. And, she wanted the body guards to drive them, just in case. She had an uneasy feeling.

Sure, call someone right away, we need to leave in a few minutes.” Michael called from the bedroom amidst sounds of suitcases latching.

Amanda went to the front door to get Jason. She opened the door and stepped into the doorway and said, in a low voice: “Jason, I need some help please.

Jason appeared. “Yes mam. And if you need us you only have to think you need help and we will hear you.

We need a ride to the airport now and I am feeling uneasy, there may be trouble.” Amanda said.

Yes mam, we will have Michael’s team follow us in the other vehicle. Ready to go when you are.” Jason said.

Amanda went back inside and called to Michael: “Michael, the car is here, we can go now.

Michael came out the bedroom, towing his big suitcase. “Wow that was fast. Ok, I am ready.

They left the condo and Jason helped with the luggage. Soon they were on the way to the airport. It was not a really good time to go to the airport, traffic was horrible. “San Francisco International?” Jason asked.

Yes, we have 1 hour to get there so no rush.” Said Amanda.

Ok, I think we will take the local roads and avoid the freeway traffic.” Jason said.

They were taking 19th Avenue through Golden Gate Park, and as they were crossing Lincoln Way on a green light a black SUV ran the red light and slammed into the driver’s side of their SUV, hitting the driver’s door, dead on. Both vehicles spun around. Michael and Amanda were thrown to the floor, they did not have seat belts on. Then the sounds of one or more machine guns.

Stay down! You are safe, this vehicle is bullet proof.” Yelled Jason as he exited the vehicle.

More gunfire erupted. Michael and Amanda were huddled together in the floor of the SUV. Then silence.

The passenger read door opened and Jason stuck his head in. “All clear folks! Please come with me, we have another vehicle.

The back door of the SUV opened and someone grabbed Michael’s luggage and Michael and Amanda scurried out of the wreaked SUV and into the other vehicle. Away they went, Jason and a new driver that Amanda did not know – must be from Michael’s team. The whole incident was very quick, less than 5 minutes from crash to leaving in the second vehicle. No sign of police cars but sirens were heard in the distance.

What the hell just happened!” Michael said, looking at Amanda.

Well, I was going to tell you about all this, but I didn’t want to worry you.

Great! So, tell me now because I am already worried.” Said Michael.

Amanda proceeded to tell Michael about her 2025 Presidential election and how the Rakshasas apparently did not want that to happen. Also, about the body guards, but she left out the whole clone thing and Chudala.

Ok Amanda. I am, just for now, going to assume you are somehow going to be elected in 2025. But that means for the next 19 years and beyond, they are going to be trying to kill you every day. I don’t know how many thousands of times you will be attacked. This is a monster!” Said Michael.

I know. I trust Juan Tabo to come up with a plan. Just protecting me will not work – not for 19 years!

Amanda, I am going to India, leaving you behind here to be killed by those maniacs. No good. You are coming with me, tonight.” Michael said.

Excuse me, but I could not help overhearing. I think this is an excellent plan for you, mam. They are certainly not expecting this so we will be left alone for a while. We will of course accompany you. Juan Tabo concurs – good plan. After what just happened, it will be good if we all disappear for while.” Said Jason.

But, but – I have no clothes, I don’t know if the condo is locked, I don’t even have my passport.

It’s ok, mam. One of the guys will bring it and make sure the condo is secure. I have just given the order.” Jason said.

Ok, whatever. Now we are all going to India! I actually feel relieved and I have always wanted to go to India.” Amanda said.

You guys are some special kind of body guards! How did you just ‘give the order’. I have been watching you the whole time and you did not call anyone.” Michael said.

We have a form of internal communication with the whole team, sir. Everyone knows everything that is going on at all times.” Jason said. “We are here. We will park the vehicle while the two of you go inside the terminal and wait for us at the Air India ticket counter.

Amanda and Michael when into the terminal with Michael’s suitcase. In about 30 minutes, Jason and the driver arrived, then in 15 minutes more the other 6 body guards strolled in. One of them was carrying Amanda’s suitcase and passport.

Who knows what is inside that suitcase! Amanda thought.

Michael purchased one-way first-class tickets for himself and Amanda. Jason took care of the body guards, putting himself and Curtis in the seats across the aisle from Amanda and Michael, and business class for the other 6 body guards. Michael was happy to have the body guards along after tonight’s episode.

It was a long, 22-hour trip to Bangalore International Airport, but uneventful. They arrived at 3am in India and checked in to a hotel near the airport. The next day they headed for Sri Sri Chandra Bali’s ashram. The body guards somehow came up with 3 black Escalades for the group. They made an impressive entry.

The ashram is lovely!” Said Amanda. “Will you be staying here?

Probably not, I think I am going to Rishikesh, in the mountains. We need to go to the reception building.” Michael told the driver.

We are making a big donation to the ashram. $100,000. I have the check here. Jack said that would get his attention. Then he will invite me to see him.” Said Michael. “After we make the donation, we will find Jack.

I am tired and would like to find a nice place to live in this area and get settled. Jason says we will be here for a few months. He has found us a place and would like to take me there now. “ Amanda said.

Ok, go ahead. Do you guys know where this place is?” Said Michael, asking the drivers of their SUV.

Yes sir, we do.” The driver said.

Great. After I see Jack, I will come on to our new home and rest and wait for Sri Sri Chandra Bali’s call.” Michael said.

Amanda kissed Michael and got out of the SUV and went to the one behind that was driven by Curtis. They left for the house and the 3rd SUV followed.

The house was about 20 miles away, in the country on some acreage. It was a very large house, air conditioned and full luxury. It cost $25,000 a month to rent, Jason said when Amanda asked about the cost. There were actually 3 houses, one with 3 bedrooms that was the main house, and 2 smaller houses, each with 3 bedrooms. Jason and his team would stay in these 2 houses. There was a big swimming pool, and a riding stable with several horses.

This is super!” said Amanda after the quick tour. “Let’s take it.

I will make the arrangements now.” Said Jason.

In the house there was a big bedroom that would do nicely for a meditation room. I wonder if Juan Tabo would mind setting up a Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid in here for me? She thought.

Sure, give me a few minutes.” She heard Juan Tabo’s voice behind her.

Amanda turned to greet Juan Tabo with folded hands. “Namaste!” She said.

Namaste” Juan Tabo said as he bowed. “This little diversion should buy you some peace and quiet. If we play it right, the Illuminati will forget about you. When they check the 2025 Inauguration now, they will see you as a spectator in the audience, instead of the President. They will calm down for sure and leave you alone.

Their intensity of attacks was too aggressive. You will lose the city council race, since you are here, and they will think you have been scared off. We will keep the guards around, just in case. You will stay here for about 6 months, then return to San Francisco. You will not enter politics for a few years and then we will keep your profile very low until 2023 when you will suddenly appear on the scene as the junior Senator from California with a very popular platform of empowering the common person. In the years preceding your election, the previous two presidents came from obscurity to national prominence almost overnight like that. In the last 100 years, all of the Presidents were selected by the Illuminati. You will be the first President that they did not select. The probable future will not show that you will win so the illuminati will leave you alone. For now, relax and focus on your meditation program. We need you in LOC 700 as soon as possible.” Said Juan Tabo.

I actually wanted to ask you about that and my relationship with Chudala. Since we share all of the subtle bodies and just have separate physical bodies, it would seem that we will be evolving together.” Said Amanda.

Exactly right. This situation plus the Vitaras will allow the two of you to reach LOC 1,000 in record time. Where the typical person in Kali Yuga who is dedicated to achieving Moksha will be lucky to reach LOC 600 by the end of life. We have two in the Community at LOC 900 and one at 1,000. The two of you will be the next to reach 1,000. I estimate 15 years for this for the two of you who are at LOC 550 now. It may seem like a small jump from 900 to 1,000 but these levels are on a logarithmic scale. A change from 900 to 1,000 represents 10 to the 100th power or 10 followed by 100 zeros. We have no name for this number, the largest number we have a name for is 10 with 24 zeros. That is called a quadrillion. With these orders of magnitude of difference, we do not have names for the numbers! The difference between LOC 900 and LOC 1,000 is difference between 10 to the 900 power and 10 with 1,000 zeros after it. You two are jumping from 540 (10 with 540 zeros) to 10 with 1,000 zeros. It is amazing you can do it in 15 years. Most will take hundreds of trillions of years to accomplish this.” Said Juan Tabo.

Honestly, I have no idea what this means, Juan Tabo. But, thanks for the detailed explanation! How long do you think it will take us to get to LOC 700?” Amanda said.

I expect at least 2 years.” He said. “Your new Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid is ready, let’s go see it.

Now, how did you do that? You have been talking with me the whole time!

I didn’t do it, some people from the Community came. Let’s see what they created!” Said Juan Tabo.

They walked from the living room to the closed bedroom door and opened it. Sure enough, the room was filled with a giant white pyramid, similar to the one in San Francisco. Amanda walked toward the door and it slid open silently to reveal the copper interior.

Incredible!” Amanda said. “They even brought all of my statues and lit the ghee lamp! So, my pyramid in San Francisco is now empty?

Yes, they left the structure and created a new one here then brought all the contents.” Said Juan Tabo.

How? I mean, you know, how do they do this?

It is a mental process. You need to be at LOC 850 or higher to do this sort of thing. In Kali Yuga the typical person’s DNA is almost completely turned off so they can only use about 10% of their natural abilities – just enough to say alive for 100 years. The mind is very weak as well, so to create anything requires lots of physical exertion. But if you have 80% or more of your DNA free to operate normally, then you can use your mind to accomplish very quickly what used to take a long time with physical labor. In Kali Yuga we need airplanes to long distances, but in earlier yugas, people could just teleport or levitate, using the mind. Teleportation takes about 75% of your DNA active. But levitation is easier and about 20% of the people of Dvapara Yuga could levitate their own body and even vehicles. If you have 25% of your DNA active you can levitate. This translates into LOC 720 or higher. You will be there soon!” Said Juan Tabo.

Amanda’s phone rings. “It’s Michael. Hi Michael!

Amanda, I found Jack and Sri Sri Ravi Sankar wants to see me so we are going over to his place now. I will call after the meeting, might be late.” Michael said.

Ok dear, enjoy your visit! See you soon.

Juan Tabo left and Amanda opened her suitcase, packed by one of the guards. Good grief! There is almost nothing here that I need. She thought. She called Jason and they went to the nearest shopping mall. By the time they returned, it was nearly 8pm. Nothing from Michael yet. She when into the new meditation room and brought her phone and left the door open so she could get a signal. Michael finally called at 2am and said he was going to Rishikesh to a private cave on the side of a mountain and was leaving immediately. Sri Sri Rav Shankar had given him a very long meditation program. He was very excited.

For the next six months, Amanda spent her time in meditation. Juan Tabo has given her a very long program that kept her busy day and night – she is spending 21 hours a day in the pyramid! Only coming out for food and a bath. Not one minute for the pool. Jason and company are keeping her safe and stocked with food. She is only eating fruit now so that makes the diet simple. Avocados, cashews, tomatoes, olives, bananas, mangoes, orange juice, and various berries.

Amanda is transitioning to a pranic energy lifestyle and will soon be living on mostly prana with very little physical food. Juan Tabo said it will take her a year or two to transition. She has to increase the capability of her prana engine to 90% and decrease the food engine to 10%. This is all accomplished by the deva of her body in conjunction with Kundalini. By the end of these six months, her prana engine was at 70% and she filed the gap with fruit.

She has had no contact with Michael since the last phone call 6 months ago. When she thinks about him, she feels is fine and the guards say all it well with him.

The doorbell rang as Amanda was enjoying a mango. Jason opened the door and it was Juan Tabo.

Happy day Amanda!” Called Juan Tabo. “We are ready to return to San Francisco.

Great! But could I visit Chudala in the Community, on the way back?” Amanda said.

Ok, that will save on a plane ticket – we will teleport to the Community then to San Francisco. The guards will take Air India.” Juan Tabo said as he nodded to Jason.

Give me your hand.” He extended his hand to Amanda. As soon as their hands met, they vanished from the home in India.

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Leslie Hathaway, Farmington, New Mexico , August 3, 2019 at 6:59 PM | Reply
“When they check the 2025 Inauguration now, they will not see as a spectator in the audience, instead of the President.”

This sentence is confusing. I don’t understand what it’s saying. I think it needs more clarification on why they won’t bother her now.
Bejan, Lake Capala, Ahijic, Mexico , July 25, 2019 at 10:22 PM | Reply
Just finished chapters 4 & 5; great stories.
Kevin Trainor, LA, CA , July 24, 2019 at 3:13 PM | Reply
It is really developing into a great story. I like Chudula. I think Michael's leaving for his cave and Chudula allowing him to needs to be a little more "problematic" to appear real. The chapter begins too abruptly, but the basic story is important and it is evolving very nicely. To really have a developed book or story you have to do more showing rather than telling. E.g the chapter starts out : "Chudula is feeling left out." Show the reader how she is left out, we will identify with that and become "invested" in the character. Most of all, great story. Really that's all that matters. Everything else is "fluff" and can be fixed quite simply.

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