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Chudala: Chapter 6, Change of Perspective


Chudala: Chapter 6, Change of Perspective

Amanda and Juan Tabo arrive at the community. Juan Tabo explains about the invisibility and they go inside. Early morning meditation is still in progress so they stroll around the grounds and look at all the community features. It is still dark but there are many lights on the paths so they have a nice tour. They return to the central large meditation pyramid and sit on a bench near the entrance to wait for Chudala to come out.

I love this place, Juan Tabo! It is so peaceful and serene, and beautiful!” Amanda said.

Amanda!” said Chudala. “I am so happy to see you again! I feel like you are my sister and I have missed you very much!” She runs up to Amanda and they hug. Both have tears in their eyes.

Yes, I feel that I am always with you yet we are apart. It is like we are sisters but you have been invisible for 28 years!” Amanda said.

I think you have been the invisible one!” Said Chudala. “Come, see my apartment! You will love it. Oh, hello Juan Tabo! I am happy to see you too! Let’s all go to my apartment now.

Amanda and Chudala walked, hand in hand, laughing and hugging each other. Juan Tabo followed. Inside the apartment, Chudala showed Amanda around and then the three of them sat in the living room.

Juan Tabo, thank you so much for bring Amanda to see me! I feel such a deep love for her. It is like I have always had a twin sister but she has been lost for 28 years and now we are together.” Chudala said.

This is the first time we created a clone that shares the same subtle bodies as its model. But we are looking at things from within this Universe where everything seems real. You are both beginning to identify with the Silent Witness and that is helping you to have a proper perspective on life.” Said Juan Tabo.

You have said that we are all dream creatures in the Mind of the Creator. But I do not feel that. I feel I am a real person.” Said Amanda.

Me too! We need to understand this better. Please elaborate on this.” Chudala said.

It is very simple. It is all a matter of perspective. From the perspective of an individual human being, we feel like separate beings – except for you two! I know your particular situation is adding to the confusion. But this unique situation can also be used to our advantage to better understand the true nature of our world. Let’s perform an experiment. Close your eyes and find the silence that is deep in the mind.” Juan Tabo said and then paused for a minute.

This silence is who you really are. This is you and you are the Silent Witness. You are not Amanda and you are not Chudala. You are the same Being. You are the Silent Witness. When you are identified with this Silent Witness, what is your name?” Asked Juan Tabo.

Amanda said. “I do not have a name, I am. That is all.

Chudala said, “There is no name that I am attached to, that identifies me now. I have a memory of my physical body and its name of Chudala, and a memory that 7 months ago I was Amanda. But now, in this moment, I have no label that defines me.

That is your current perspective. You have a body, but you are not that body.” Said Juan Tabo.

Now look for your subtle body, for your pranamaya kosha.” Juan Tabo said. “Enter your pranamaya kosha and tell me who you are.

I am Chudala

Where is Amanda?” said Juan Tabo.

Amanda only exists as a physical body. There is a Chudala physical body as well. But what I transcend to the pranamaya kosha, I only exist as Chudala.” Said Chudala.

So, what has changed? Only your perspective, your viewpoint. From one viewpoint you are Amanda or you are Chudala, from another perspective you are the Silent Witness, and from another you are the pranamaya kosha Chudala.” Juan Tabo said.

If you are able to transcend to manomaya kosha, your perspective will take a broader view of all life in the universe and you will feel great love and compassion for all. When you transcend again to vijñanamaya kosha, you experience the unity of all life in the universe. Then transcending again to Anandamaya Kosha, you realize ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ I am Brahman, I am the Creator of this Universe. You have not changed, only your perspective has changed.” Juan Tabo said.

The task for both of you is to realize ‘Aham Brahmasmi’. This is Level 900 or Brahman Consciousness. From that perspective you clearly know this Universe is occurring within your Mind as a Lucid Dream.

Already there are 3 people in the Community that have achieved 900 or higher, correct?” Asked Chudala.

That is right.” Said Juan Tabo.

These people can change the dream of the Universe?” Amanda asked.

Yes, they can.” Juan Tabo said. “But I know where you are going with this. They cannot change the dream in any way that will interfere with the free-will of any person on Earth. Each human being is sacred being and must be fully respected. So, the Creator cannot just do away with the agents of the pralaya and create heaven on earth now. There is too much karma reverberating, all tied to the free-will of the people who created it.

Of course, when the Day of Brahma is over and the mighty Dream collapses, then the Creator is free to create a new Universe that is perfect in all aspects. This is done again and again throughout the lifespan of the Creator, to give every human being a fresh start and a chance to achieve freedom and exit the cycles of birth and death that each person created with his or her karma.

The only way to change the Dream is from within the Dream and on the physical plane. But again, we must respect the free-will of all the people.” Juan Tabo said.

Excuse me, I think Kotari-devi is here.” Chudala said as she approached the entry door and it opened.

Come in! I have a surprise for you!” Chudala said as she hugged Kotari-devi, a beautiful young woman originally from Morocco who was one of the first members of the Community when it began in 1975.

Oh! There are two of you!” Kotari-devi said when she saw Amanda and Chudala standing side by side. “This is amazing! You must be Amanda.” She hugged Amanda and then turned to Juan Tabo and bowed with folded hands at the chest. “As always, a wonderful day when I am able to see Juan Tabo.

Juan Tabo bowed to Kotari-devi with a big smile on his face. He obviously was very happy to see her. They have a long history. Juan Tabo went to Morocco physically, on an airplane, to bring her to the Community that was still under construction. She was afraid to come alone. Kotari-devi was then a frightened young woman of age 27 who was living with her parents and teaching Arabic in the local school. She was literally surrounded by Muslims. She was the only non-Muslim in her small town. She refused to wear the traditional Hajib, even to school where she taught. She rode her bicycle to school and back every day. She taught herself to meditate, the I Am meditation, by reading a book on the topic, about 4 years before, renounced Islam and wanted to achieve Moksha. Of course, her parents were very much against such a life. Her mother would say ‘If you don’t stop meditating and become normal again, I will burn all of your clothes!’ She loved her mother who was only 15 when she was born. Her father was 35 at the time. They wanted her to return to Islam and get married. She wanted no part of that lifestyle but could not escape from it either because she had no money. The school payed her a very small amount to teach and everything went to support her parents. Her father was retired and diabetic so the household depended on her income. Kotari-devi prayed to the Celestial Family for help and they answered her prayers by sending Juan Tabo. Kotari-devi has achieved Level 720 and has been at the Community since age 27, so she is now 58 years old, but looks like she 24 due to the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme.

Satyug Kaya Kalpa was given to the Community by the Celestial Family in 1975 to allow all members to live in youthful, perfect health for as long as necessary to complete the project of raising world collective consciousness to a level that will make the impending pralaya unnecessary. The estimated time for this transition to occur is 250 years.

The cornerstone of the Programme is the amazing C60 molecule. Each C60 molecule is literally an intelligent being, a physical representative of the Dhanvantri, the Celestial Physician who keeps the Celestial Beings in perfect health and allows them to live for trillions of years. When a human body has at least 100 C60 molecules embedded in the bi-lipid layer of every cell, the body becomes physically capable of staying alive for 100,000 years, and in a youthful, vital state.

It is time for my daily session with Kotari-devi, she is my Mentor here and is giving me such wonderful help and advice.” Chudala said.

We will be leaving for San Francisco now. It was delightful to see both of you again!” Juan Tabo said.

Amanda, I wish you could be here with us! But you have your work and it is so important for the world that you are out there. Come back soon for a visit!” Said Chudala.

I will for sure. Goodbye!” Amanda said. Then she took the right hand of Juan Tabo and they both vanished.

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Radha, Cincinnati, OH , August 19, 2019 at 3:41 PM | Reply
-The chapters are well written and make an interesting read. The story line keeps the reader hooked onto what is going to happen next.

-The reader will soon become aware that the intention of the story is to build faith of the reader in the vitaras and other gadgets sold by SriVuyha Org

If the intention of the book is to come across as a work of fiction then I would not recommend any changes. However, if the intention of the book is to project that the gadgets are real and effective then you may wish to consider the following:

-While reaching out to the Western population – no change needed. Western mind does not understand the East very well anyways. So anything can sell with them.

-While reaching out to the Eastern population – change would be a good idea. Eastern mind is very smart. The only way they will place their trust in any “gadgets” is when they find “Shastra Pramana”. The Eastern mind only believes in tools mentioned clearly in our Shastras. Eastern mind fully understands that nothing new is ever created under the Sun and all important useful tools have already been mentioned somewhere in our pool of Shastras. Hence to allow the Eastern followers to believe in the book, the book must try and bring in the relevant chapter references from where these gadgets have been taken.

-Also, somewhere in the book you mention how the husband, goes to India to get enlightened the “right way”. This “right way” seems to be mocking India for their age old time tested ways to achieving Enlightenment, without the aid of vitaras and the rest. I would highly recommend that you did not mock the age old time tested Indian traditional methods in your book. Since time immemorial India has been producing a continuous unbroken chain of Enlightened Masters (infact is the only country that has produced Enlightened Beings through our deep and authentic scientific methods). Whether it was Maharishi Himself or even Yourself, it was our age old techniques that produced the desired results.
Tapani Vaulasto, Helsinki, Finland , July 27, 2019 at 3:24 AM | Reply
After this:
"It is very simple. It is all a matter of perspective. From the perspective of an individual human being, we feel like separate beings – except for you two! I know your particular situation is adding to the confusion."

Each level of LOC needs few words from the angle of ignorant men.

In the Chudala movie: Live situation in a Mall and random people tells their ideas of our short descriptions of LOCs. Mostly 2 to 3 seconds each.

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