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Chudala: Chapter 7, Imagination


Chudala: Chapter 7, Imagination

Amanda returns to San Francisco and continues her long meditation program. She comes out of her meditation room only to eat some fruit and to take a swim and enjoy the sun for a few minutes. Jason is keeping her supplied with lots of fresh fruit. She continues this program for 2 years without incident and manages to raise her LOC to 640. This is phenomenal progress in only 2 years and 7 months. Having achieved Moksha, she is delighted. She now lives in the NOW 24 hours a day and enjoys every moment of life in a beautiful state of unbounded awareness. She has also mastered 14 of the 47 yoga sutras of Patanjali and enjoys playing with her newfound abilities. The most fun one is levitation.

Ok, let’s try the levitation again. I will walk on water today! Amanda thought as she stepped on to the surface of the swimming pool while holding the levitation sutra in her mind. The trick is to use your imagination. She reminds herself.

Wow! She thought. It is so crazy when this works!

Amanda was stepping on the surface of the swimming pool as if it was made of soft plastic. Her weight would sometimes make a slight impression in the water, but most steps were not even touching the surface.

I feel so light and there is this blissful strong vibration from my prana body. She thought.

She reached the other side of the pool, turned and walked back.

Tada! I did it! She thought as she hovered an inch above the patio surface.

She relaxed her focus on the sutra and touched down. She heard clapping and turned around to see Jason.

Excellent! You can really walk on water!” Jason said as he stopped clapping.

This is so much fun!” Amanda said.

It sure looks like fun! I wish I could do it.” Jason said.

Any news from India?” Amanda asks.

My men say they have their hands full with the astral attacks but so far Michael is not feeling any ill effects. He is dutifully meditating day and night.” Said Jason.

I have a feeling that Juan Tabo is coming today.” Amanda says and the doorbell rings.

That is probably him now.” Jason said over his shoulder as he walked toward the front door.

Opening the door, there stood Juan Tabo. “Welcome Juan Tabo!” Jason said as he bowed with folded hands at the heart.

Happy day Jason!” Juan Tabo returned the bow and entered the room.

Amanda! You look radiant, like a goddess!” Juan Tabo said as he saw Amanda coming in from the patio.

Amanda bowed to Juan Tabo and said: “I am so happy to see you after 2 years!

Well, we have a surprise for you.” Juan Tabo said as he turned toward the still open front door. “Michael, that is your que!” he called. Michael walked through the door.

Amanda!” Michael rushed toward her and she toward him, they embraced and held each other for a full minute, tears were streaming down Amanda’s face.

Finally, they pulled back from the tight embrace enough to see each other’s face. They kissed.

Michael! I am so happy you are here! We were just talking about you and thought you were still in India and meditating your brains out.” Amanda said as she looked to Jason and then Juan Tabo.

My dear, this is Michael #2. He was just created a few minutes ago.” Juan Tabo said.

Amanda looked at Michael’s face, her jaw dropped. She released her hold on Michael and stepped back. “Get out! This is exactly Michael! He kisses like my Michael.

Juan Tabo, I had adulterous thoughts, you know. You are always tricking me!” Amanda said as she ran into the bedroom, in tears.

Amanda, it is ok, remain calm!” Juan Tabo called after her.

In a few minutes, Michael #2, Jason and Juan Tabo standing in silence, looking out the patio window-wall like a group of tourists enjoying the sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, Amanda came back in to the room, apparently composed.

Sorry about that.” She said, looking sheepish.

The three men turned in unison toward her direction. “Let’s sit down and chat.” Juan Tabo said. The four of them took a seat. Amanda did not look at Michael #2.

We believe Michael will be in India for some time, many years more. But you will be starting your political career and the public likes to see your husband with you and supporting you. It would be a diversion to have to explain that your husband is in India and has been for some years and may be for many more years. So, we thought it would be prudent to have Michael here with you. This is why we have created the Michael clone. I realize this puts you in a new situation so let’s talk about what you are feeling and your questions.” Juan Tabo said.

Michael is my husband and life partner and we love each other very much. It has been a strain on our relationship to have this long separation. I have begun to forget about him and see myself as more of a single person. However, I am still committed to our marriage and I want Michael and I to grow old together. However, it seems we will not be growing old, at least I won’t. Or will I? Chudala seems to be on a 250 year mission and also thinks she is married to Michael.” Said Amanda. “This is confusing. Now we have Michael’s clone and everyone has a partner again!

The whole realm of clones is a rich study in ethics. Is Michael #2, a clone, the partner of Amanda, also a clone. And is Michael, the real person, the partner of Chudala, the real person? Let’s try to answer this question first.” Said Juan Tabo.

First it is important to realize that every person on Earth is a clone. The Creator is the only ‘real person’ in this Universe. We are all clones of the Creator. That being said, I believe Michael #2 is the perfect husband for you, Amanda. There is no question of adultery with one’s own husband. If Michael #2 submitted his DNA for analysis, it would match perfectly the DNA of Michael. On a physical level, they are now identical twins. Actually, this is the best way to think of yourself in relationship to Chudala and Michael #2 in relationship with Michael. You are Chudala’s identical twin sister and it so happens that you are married to Michael’s identical twin brother.” Juan Tabo said.

Amanda looked at Michael, for the first time since the news bombshell a few minutes ago. “Ok, I can accept that. Michael and I are married and the Michael in India is my sister’s husband, and this Michael is my husband. Good, I am a healthy young woman and, frankly, I need my husband to act like my husband.

One more question, what Level of Consciousness is required to create a clone?” Amanda asked, speaking to Juan Tabo.

900 is the minimum level. Chudala was supposed to create the Michael clone but she is not yet at 900 and we needed this clone now, so I created it.” Juan Tabo said.”

Chudala and I have separate physical bodies but we share all subtle bodies. Is that the same with Michael?” Amanda said.

No, Michael #2 is an independent being with all the memories of Michael, but does not share Michael’s subtle bodies. You and Chudala are unique.” Said Juan Tabo.

Ok, I have a question that has been bothering me for 2 years! I just can’t stop thinking about this and I know it is totally off topic but I have to ask you!” Said Amanda.

Juan Tabo nodded affirmatively.

A few days after I began the yoga sutras practice, I sort of heard someone say ‘use your imagination’ every time I began the samyama on the sutras. So, I have been doing just that. When I think a sutra, I also use my imagination, at the same time, to imagine me doing or being whatever is the meaning of the sutra. For example, when I think the invisibility sutra, I simultaneously imagine that my body is invisible. That was such an easy one! In a few days I felt it was working so I stood in front of my mirror and with my eyes open I did that sutra. It really worked! I even showed Michael.” She nodded to Michael who was also nodding. “Where did this idea come from?

This idea came from Kotari-devi to Chudala and because you share the same subconscious mind, you picked it up. This is a fundamental and important practice to actually make the sutras work. Without the use of your imagination, nothing much happens.” Juan Tabo said.

I knew it! Yes, this is so exciting! Thank you! But why is imagination so important? Obviously, I am really walking on the surface of the swimming pool and I am really becoming invisible. You can see this. Right Jason?

Absolutely! Juan Tabo, I saw her literally walking across the swimming pool earlier today!” Said Jason.

Imagination is a function of the subconscious mind so to use it well you should be established in a transcendental state and that is exactly the case when you are performing samyama. It is like a catalyst in consciousness to start the manifestation of the sutra, then the real manifestation begins. You have learned to just use imagination to start the manifestation process, then you let go and allow consciousness to take over. You have definitely learned how to use your imagination properly.” Juan Tabo said.

Amanda, you have mastered many of the sutras now, but it will be wise to keep these abilities confidential. As a politician, you will be able to use your abilities for the good of the people. But only if you use these abilities anonymously so as not to attract the attention of the undesirables. You must be very low-key and helping the people but not taking credit for what you have done. Even look at others and give them credit. The Rakshasas are not stupid and they will be closely watching you. We can hide you from them in the astral realm – that is the job of your body guards – but in the physical you will be in the public eye. You and Michael must always be together from this point. When you give a speech, Michael will be there on the stage with you. In fact, Michael will introduce you in many cases. He is your campaign manager and most ardent supporter and totally devoted to you and your success. “ Juan Tabo said.

Wow, this is a new Michael! Sorry, I am being facetious, but Michael,” Amanda said, turning to him, “you have not always been like that.

I am truly sorry, my dear. I have been a totally self-centered ass from day one, but that has all changed. I will show you that I am a different person now. I have let go of all of my personal objectives and I now live only to love and support you in all ways.” Michael said. “And I am really surprised at my change of heart. I suspect Juan Tabo has something to do with this.

Michael, you are an enlightened man now so you now have the only agenda of being in service to the Divine. You fully recognize the Divinity in your lovely wife, Amanda, and you are fulfilled only when you are in her service. “ Juan Tabo said.

Nice job, Juan Tabo! You have created my dream husband! On a more practical note, what is our fertility situation?” Amanda said.

The one thing you cannot do as clones is reproduce – you are both sterile. I hope that is not a problem for you.” Said Juan Tabo.

It’s fine! I think we are going to be too busy for children.” Amanda said, looking at Michael, who nods.

Juan Tabo, I am worried about resuming my political career. The attacks were more and more brutal. It has been nice to have some peace.” Said Amanda.

Yes, we are concerned about your safety. We will engineer your political career to make it appear you are not heading for the White House. For one thing, you will be pushing a 2-term limit on both the House and the Senate. You will never mention any objective to run for President and if you are asked, you will always say you have no interest in that job. You will be a pain in the ass for the establishment politicians, both of you are squeaky clean and are obviously not in politics for the money. As an Independent, that will give them more to relax about. The system is rigged against any Independent candidate. It will take an unprecedented groundswell of popular support to get you into the White House. We believe it can be done and they are not stupid and know it is possible, but ‘over my dead body’ will be their motto.” Said Juan Tabo.

So, you will be attacked by every conceivable means, including direct physical attacks by snipers, all manner of transportation ‘accidents’, directed energy weapons, nanobots, food and airborne toxins, including bio-weapons, targeted psychological attacks, campaigns to discredit you, including your alliance with the German Illuminati from Michael’s dealings and the sale of the company, and more! The next 17 years will be very intense and then the serious threats start. We can easily protect you on the astral but it is always more challenging on the physical. But it is harder for them to mount physical attacks than astral. This will be the most intense battle for humanity and their home the Earth since the Incarnation of Krishna over 5,000 years ago, where 1.66 billion died in the Mahabharata War. But we will protect you and we will win this.” Juan Tabo said.

As we implement the wonderful plan of Krishna and the Celestial Family to raise world collective consciousness, the attacks will decline and by the time you are running for the Presidency, we will have the upper hand in this war between the forces of light and darkness - those who oppose life and humanity. You know, we have nearly 300 in the Community and most are doing what you are doing. They are working to replace the leaders of every country in the world with an Enlightened leader. You recently met Kotari-devi from Morocco and her task is to replace the King of Morocco. We have someone working on every country. The grand takeover of all world governments by Enlightened individuals is planned to take place during your Presidency.

The United States will be the first country to lead the way to a peaceful and progressive world for all. Everyone is doing their part and we will succeed. But there will be opposition from the agents of the pralaya until the pralaya is taken off the agenda for the world. Once the pralaya is gone, the global elite, the Illuminati, and their Rakshasa sponsors will simply fade into oblivion.“ Said Juan Tabo.

Amanda, all eyes are on you to lead the way into a new ear of peace and prosperity for the entire human race.” Juan Tabo said.

Ok, no pressure here! I have no idea how to do anything, Juan Tabo!” Said Amanda.

Of course, you do! Use your wonderful imagination Amanda, and manifest this plan of the Celestial Family.” Juan Tabo said.

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Kevin Trainor, LA, CA , July 29, 2019 at 8:18 PM | Reply
Yes, I was confused too as who was a clone or who is not. But that can be cleared. I like the positivity at the end. Because up to that point the reader thinks it is Chudula against World! But now we see the bigger picture and that should be mentioned a little bit stronger in detail. We want a team to root for!
I thought this was the second weakest chapter after chapter 1, actually. But there still is a great story developing so THAT is what's important. The rest is just fluff, as I say.
Tapani Vaulasto, Helsinki, Finland , July 29, 2019 at 4:49 PM | Reply
“Michael is my husband and life partner ”

“This is confusing. Now we have Michael’s clone and everyone has a partner again!”

Between those two sentences - best of Chudala script. Much laughing here as reading.

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