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Chudala: Chapter 8, Forced to Retreat


Chudala: Chapter 8, Forced to Retreat

Juan Tabo, Amanda and Michael return to the Community. The real Juan Tabo is at the front gate to greet them.

The Juan Tabo that Amanda and Michael know is a clone. He introduces them to the real Juan Tabo: “Amanda and Michael, this is the leader of our Community, Dr. Juan Tabo.” He bows to Dr. Tabo.

Dr. Juan Tabo appears to be in his mid-20’s and looks very much like the Juan Tabo that Amanda and Michael know. As if he was a twin brother. Dr. Tabo is wearing a light golden tunic, and that is the only way they can tell them apart. Juan Tabo (the clone) is wearing a white tunic.

Dr. Tabo speaks, in a low, commanding voice that is distinctly different from Juan Tabo. “Welcome Amanda and Michael and thank you for coming so quickly. We have called an emergency meeting and it will start in 5 minutes, so let’s walk over to the Grand Meditation Pyramid.” He motions with his hand toward the path leading to the pyramid. Amanda, Michael and Juan Tabo proceed to walk with Dr. Tabo slightly leading the way, flanked by Amanda on the left and Michael on the right and Juan Tabo brings up the rear.

They do not speak as they walk briskly. The foot paths leading to the four sides of the pyramid are full of men and women in white tunics, hurrying to the pyramid doors. All are silent, there is absolutely no talking at all among the 287 residents. Dr Tabo strides to the podium and watches the assembly for a few moments as everyone takes a seat on the foam-covered floor. All of the neophytes take their assigned meditation seats and the other 2 leaders plus Juan Tabo, Amanda and Michael come to set in chairs on the stage on the North wall of the pyramid, behind the podium and Dr. Tabo.

Namaste” Dr. Tabo says with folded hands and a bow. “The Rakshasas will probably soon find our Community in the Astral realm. I sensed this a couple of hours ago. This is the probable future, so it may not happen, but we must prepare and assume it will happen.

In the next few hours, we will assemble a security force of 1,000 clones to engage and repel the Rakshasas in the Astral. We will prevail, so that is not the problem. The issue is they will soon discover the physical location of the Community and will fire directed energy weapons from satellite balloons into the apparently empty field where our invisible Community is located. The Community could be destroyed and all of our physical bodies as well.

We have planned for this contingency in the construction of the Community. It was constructed to be able to leave the 300-acre field in one piece, with all of us onboard. There is a massive retractable canopy that will come up from the ground just outside the Community walls and completely enclose the security walls and buildings. Then the entire structure will be deposited in the Lower Celestial Realm  – the 5th Dimension – under the protection of Indra. There is almost no possibility that the Rakshasas can successfully invade the Lower Celestial Realm.

We will all be confined to this Realm for the duration of the war, to replace all the leaders of all the countries of the World with our enlightened people. This will take about 20 years and we will have to work with clones on Earth throughout this time.  You are all dismissed.” Said Dr Tabo.

Amanda, Michael and Juan Tabo came down from the stage, while Dr. Tabo was speaking privately with ShivaShakti. Chudala ran up to them and gave hugs all around, her face beaming joy.

Let’s all go to my apartment!” She said as she took Amanda’s hand and lead the way.

When they had settled in Chudala’s living room, Amanda couldn’t contain herself – she was almost bursting with questions.

I knew you were a clone, Juan Tabo, but that did not seem real until I saw Dr. Tabo today! I am sure we are all dying to know more about this man. What can you tell us?” Amanda said.

Yes! I have lived her almost 3 years this is the first time I have seen Dr. Tabo. Where does he keep himself? He is a major mysterious person!” Said Chudala.

I do not know very much about Dr. Tabo. No one does. He is the founder of our Community. He was born in 1937, somewhere in Mexico. The first people to know him and come to the community are the lovely couple that simply go by the name ShivaShakti. You saw them on the stage today. They are both beyond LOC 900.

Dr. Tabo is said to have several degrees in science, including sciences of the brain and psychology, plus quantum physics. He reached LOC 900 at some point before 1975 when the Community was founded, and agreed to head the Earthly Maintenance Project from the Earth Plane, headed by Lord Vishnu in the Upper Celestial Realms.

He is rarely here in the Community in the physical form, spending most of his time in the Upper Celestial Realms. That is why he created me – actually his first clone – in 1975. He gave me only selected memories that I need to perform my duties. So, I just have no memory of him to speak of. Actually, this is all that I know.” Said Juan Tabo.

I am excited about the Community moving into the Lower Celestial Plane because that may give us more time with Dr Tabo. Everyone loves him. There has never been a more loving and kinder person. Everyone here in the Community was selected by him.” Juan Tabo said.

Well, I am going to do my best to advance to his level of consciousness and get to know him personally. Then I will tell you all about him!” Said Chudala.

Good luck with that, the story is; even ShivaShakti does not know more that I just told you.” Juan Tabo said. “Now we have much to do to prepare for the war and the move!

Everyone in the community was busy in preparation for the war. New warrior clones kept appearing in the courtyard around the Meditation Pyramid every minute. At this rate there will be 1,000 of them by late tonight. They all looked exactly alike: very strong men, 6’3” tall, muscular, very military, “special forces” like, wearing light kaki colored uniforms with black boots, lots of things hanging from their belts, such as a holstered 9mm pistol, ammo pockets, a large knife in a sheath, and what looked like the grip of a light saber. Standing at attention, eyes facing forward and appearing not to notice all the Community residents scurrying around.

Around 4am, they all suddenly disappeared from the Earth Plane and took up their stations around the Community on the Astral Plane. They organized into the SriVyuha formation. This formation does not appear in the Vedic Literature and was invented by Lord Vishnu just for this battle. It is most similar to the PadmaVyuha but organized on the lines of the 3-dimensional Sri Chakra, or “Meru” as it is called. It will be even more invincible than the PadmaVyuha because the Sri Chakra is the primordial archetype of the Universe and it infinitely strong. Warriors are positioned on every intersecting force line of the Sri Chakra, totally protecting the Community. Each warrior holds their Light Saber in a vertical “ready” position. The array of white Light Sabers looks like 1,000 vertically pointing search-lights, piercing the blackness of the Etheric plane. They force the battle to take place at the lowest level of the Astral Plane, where the Rakshasas will be the strongest but at the same time most vulnerable to being killed by Light Sabers.

The Etheric Plane is an eerie gray-scale world, usually inhabited only by the newly dead. The physical plane can be seen easily from this level of the Astral, unlike the higher levels. The Community is not invisible on this or higher Astral levels; it is only invisible on the physical plane. This is the problem that Dr. Tabo knew would eventually lead to an attack when the Rakshasas were alerted by the presence of Amanda and her apparently successful bid for the U.S. Presidency that was available for all to see who could practice Astral Viewing, for a brief period of days, in the probable future. But the invisibility sutra does not work beyond the physical.

They wait for the attack to begin. Rakshasas can be seen to be gathering around the massive vertical beam of Light Sabers, their black bodies glistening and their red eyes flashing. The Community warriors appear as an impenetrable solid force, like a bright light on a dark night, attracting thousands of bugs, many flying drunkenly into the light and being instantly destroyed. The more intelligent of the Rakshasas gather around and apparently are trying to devise a strategy, but there is no clear leader. Several are vying for that position instead of rallying behind one of their peers to follow a coherent plan. Arguments and in-fighting abound and many Rakshasas are slain by their peers as the fight for a leader persists for almost 24 hours. So, between the stupid ones that smashed their bodies into the Light Saber fortress and were killed, and the even more stupid ones who fought among themselves for the leadership position, nearly 50% of the Rakshasas perished. Finally, a leader arose, a Rakshasa that was twice as tall as any of the remaining Rakshasas – size is apparently the criteria for a leader in this race.

Their attack strategy was simple, just barge into the Light Sabers, swinging their red sabers furiously. That proved to be a poor strategy and 50% of the remaining Rakshasas were killed in less than an hour.

Then the leader ordered a retreat and they organized a number of deadly weapons, born of their minds through the use of mantras, called Astras. Astras could not be repulsed by Light Sabers, but only by the opponent’s similar Astra. They hid their Astras until just before they were launched, to take advantage over the Community Warriors. But all of the Community warriors were adept at creating Astras, while only a few of the Rakshasas have this ability, less than 10% of the remaining. Also, the Astras of the Rakshasas were relatively weak compared to the counterparts created almost instantly by the Community warriors.

At this point in the battle, after nearly 40 hours, the Rakshasas have lost 80% of their original number and now there are only about 1,000 of them left. There have been no causalities in the ranks of the Community warriors, so far.

The huge Rakshasa who is the leader, he is at least 60 feet tall, proclaimed: “I am Kamsa and now you will die!

He created the deadly PashupastAstra and began to hurl it toward the Community warriors. They were no match for this Astra. Each time the weapon came, it wiped out several of the warriors, even though they were producing a counter PashupastAstra. Their weapon did have some neutralizing effect, because without it the entire army could be wiped out by that one weapon, one time. But still, many Community warriors perished each time the PashupastAstra came in. Soon, half of the Community warriors had been slain.

Dr Juan is sitting with ShivaShakti, observing the war from the Lower Celestial Plane. “We have a major problem here with that PashupastAstra of the Rakshasa king. Come, we will have to engage this Rakshasa.

Yes, we must go now while there is still time. We are ready to go now.” Said ShivaShakti. Shiva, the male partner normally spoke for both of them. Shakti, the female partner nodded in agreement.

The three highly evolved beings suddenly appeared between the Community warriors and Kamsa, the huge Rakshasa king. They appeared quite small in stature to his towering form, and he laughed to see them.

Kamsa prepared three Pashupastastra and threw them at the three Community Leaders. They countered with three PashupastAstras, but only Dr. Tabo’s weapon could barely neutralize one of the PashupastAstra. ShivaShakti was slain.

This was a stunning defeat. ShivaShakti’s pranamaya kosha was destroyed and their physical bodies quickly wilted and died where they sat in the Community. They had not created clones so there was no one to carry on for them. After more than 30 years of service, they were dead.

This precipitated another disastrous event: the Community suddenly became physically visible. ShivaShakti was responsible for the cloaking. People gathered in awe to see this massive structure with its 14-foot-high security walls and huge entry gate that suddenly appeared out of nowhere! They pressed to see inside and saw Community Members sitting about in seemingly random positions on the walks and in the garden paths, all with their eyes closed and they could see the large central pyramid and many buildings. Soon the news would show up and video of this amazing structure would be seen around the world.

And, Dr. Tabo was in grave danger. Immediately all of the Community warriors took up a new formation to protect Dr. Tabo at all costs. They formed the ChakraVyuha with Dr. Tabo in the center. This is the most complex military formation, and last used 3,102 BCE in the great war on the Kurushetra field in India. By forming the ChakraVyuha, the Community is left exposed. This is a very risky move, but deemed necessary by all to protect Dr. Tabo. He needed a few precious moments to formulate the next plan for defense. Should Dr. Tabo be slain, the Community would quickly fall.

Those who could see the probable future, both Community Members and Rakshasas, could not see the fate of the Community. The next few minutes would be decisive. But how would Dr. Tabo and the warriors be able to repel this powerful Rakshasa? This was the thought on everyone’s mind. With the death of ShivaShakti, all activity in the Community stopped and everyone focused on the War. Everyone in the Community could easily transcend to the Astral Realm and observe the War. So, everyone stopped what they were doing and assumed a meditation posture where they were. Suddenly the Community was totally silent.

Dr. Tabo materialized back into the physical into the courtyard near the meditation pyramid and spoke in everyone’s mind: “We must immediately take the Community into the Lower Celestial Realm. Without ShivaShakti this may prove to be impossible, but we must try.”

“Juan Tabo, please take Amanda, Michael and their guards back to San Francisco now. If they go with us, they will be stuck there and cannot return.” Dr Tabo mentally said. Juan Tabo immediately rose and took Amanda and Michael’s hands and vanished.

“Everyone must now perform Samyama on this sutra while imagining the entire community going into the Lower Celestial Realm. Continue this Samyama until we have safely arrived.Kâyâkâshayoh: sambandha-samyamât laghu-tûla-samâ-pattesh-câkâsha-gamanam’

Dr. Tabo immediately initiated the closing of the Community dome. As it started to close, arising from just outside the perimeter wall it was forcing everyone at the front gate to step back. It closed overhead in less than 60 seconds as everyone, including Dr. Tabo, began to perform the Samyama. The environment quickly became highly charged with energy, it was electric and palpable to everyone in the area including the onlookers outside the Community’s front gate. They instinctively backed away as the ground began to tremble and their hair stood on end and it felt as if they were being repeatedly struck by lightning bolts. They turned and ran back 100 yards and more to escape the immense energy surrounding the Community. The entire Community began to vibrate and then to lift up a few feet to reveal a bowl-shaped foundation. Then it suddenly vanished before anyone had recovered from the shock and thought to take a picture of the huge levitating structure. All that was left was a large crater that covered about 100 acres was at least 800 feet deep in the center.

The police arrived just after the disappearance of the Community. Then shortly after came the news trucks. Reporters ran about, interviewing the people in the area but it was impossible to piece together a coherent story of what they saw. They filmed the crater and left, confused about what had just happened.

Kamsa and the Rakshasas watched in amazement as the Community and their remaining 500 warriors vanished.

Inside the Community, everyone sensed that they had safely arrived in the Lower Celestial Realm. There was a beautiful golden glow that illuminated the entire dome and the Community with a soft golden light. This was astounding because the dome was completely opaque, making the interior of the Community pitch black. They all jumped up and cheered and danced to the sounds of Gandharva Veda that they heard all around, like so many Celestial Beings.

As they were dancing, a wonderful Celestial being, dressed in golden robes and looking like a king, appeared along with many other radiant beings. Dr. Tabo approached them and bowed with his hands at his chest.

Namaste, Indra” Dr. Tabo said.

Welcome to Indra’s World!” Indra said in a booming voice. “You are all safe here, the Rakshasas will never penetrate into this realm.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, many blue helicopters with United Nations flag emblems are landing. The U.N. military has arrived at the Community site and taken over crowd control.

Everyone must leave this area immediately!” Blared a portable loud speaker as the soldiers moved toward the crowd.

The military leaders knew that soon the community land would be decimated by directed energy weapons (the kind used to destroy the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001). They want to make sure the Community is totally destroyed. The global elite, possessed by the Rakshasas who just lost this battle, through their government minions now know a little bit about the Community and definitely want to squash it like a bug.

Fortunately for us, the Community is safe in the Lower Celestial Realm.

Back in San Francisco, Jason is there by the front door as usual. “How did you beat us back here?” Said Amanda.

You guys are really slow!” Said Jason.

That was way too close!” Said Juan Tabo. “But, fortunately for us, the Community is probably safe in the Lower Celestial Realm.

Probably?” Amanda said.

Kamsa and his hoard of Rakshasas are livid!” Juan Tabo said. “They are weak in the upper regions of the Astral Plane and have never been able, so far, to penetrate into the Lower Celestial, en masse.

So, there may be some who have snuck in?” Said Amanda.

We believe there have been individual Rakshasas who have penetrated into the Lower Celestial Realm by impersonation of ascended masters. But we do not know how many Rakshasa sleeper cells are currently there.” Said Juan Tabo. “Something like this may flush them out.

The Community now has a full contingent of guards on duty - the 500 survivors of the Astral war. Hopefully that with Indra’s forces will keep the Community safe. But Indra is over-confident and that is dangerous.” Juan Tabo said.

If the Community falls, what then?” Amanda said.

Then, we are on our own.” Said Juan Tabo.

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Tapani Vaulasto, Helsinki, Finland , July 31, 2019 at 3:30 PM | Reply
"As they were dancing, a wonderful Celestial being, dressed in golden robes and looking like a king, appeared along with many other radiant beings. Dr. Tabo approached them and bowed with his hands at his chest.

“Namaste, Indra” Dr. Tabo said."

Golden clothes.
A gold leaf as setting on a window - about 2/10 000 mm or 4/10 000 mm thick.
It is green transparency.
Same as I saw Visnu's shirt or jacket

Almost like looking at or through molecules.

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