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Chudala is Krishna'a Gift to Humanity to Save Generations Y & Z


The global elite have named the generation born between 1981 and 1996 as Generation Y or "The Millenials" and 1997 to the present as Generation Z.

Gen y - Gen z

"Z" is the last letter of the alphabet, so if you want to start labeling generations, why use the last letter now? This is a not so subtle message that this current generation of human beings is the last generation of human beings.

In the United States, the political affiliation of Y & Z is predominately (72%) the Democratic Party, which is well known for its global elite and New World Order leanings. The Democratic Party says they are for global community, no national borders, "save the planet" and all of the "green" of Agenda 21 and "sustainable" of Agenda 2030. We all know what these "Agendas" are really about - global elite control over the human population. Here is a video that gives us an insight into the plans of the global elites:

New World Order Final Stages 2018-2030

These last two generations have been educated by the global elite with their propaganda-based education system. This video will give you the details of the dangers of this education system and how this system has destroyed these last two generations who are lost to the goal of human existence, which is Enlightenment.

Crimes Of The Educators with Alex Newman

The education system in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia has been the primary tool of the global elite to ruin these generations and take away their thirst for Enlightenment. However, with the Chudala character, they will find a role model and inspiration for greatness.

The idea for Chudala came to us during the Krishna Vedic Master Course and was inspired by Krishna. All who have the opportunity to support this grand vision will be generously rewarded.


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