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Having completed the first Chudala novel, at least in rough draft form, we are bursting with ideas for the next one. Actually for the next two novels, to extend this amazing story. The idea for a Chudala Trilogy has emerged to explore the events of the next 6 years for Amanda as she becomes the first woman President of the United States, with Michael by her side as the first Vice President who is the spouse of the President. Chudala and Juan Tabo are working behind the scenes with the 194 other world leaders that are quietly rising to positions of authority in their respective countries. They are literally enacting the Kalki Incarnation of Vishnu, but in a gentler format.


During these 6 years, the Ekam Vitara Network grows to one million members and around the world new Goloka Spiritual Communities are opened in every country. In the third novel of this trilogy, we focus on one important new community in Morocco with its leader Kotari-devi. Kotari-devi is Chudala's mentor at the Community and is mentioned frequently in the Chudala novel (chapters 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11). The life of Kotari-devi is a fascinating study of an Arab girl who risks death when she renounces her religion to go deeper into spirituality by following the authoritative Vedic Science. She becomes enlightened and goes on to build a Goloka Spiritual Community in her country.

Let's take a look at the second novel in this trilogy; "Madame President" where Amanda is elected to the Presidency. Her political platform is life to the American people and death to the New World Order. Here are a few of her initiatives:

  • Eliminate the Federal Department of Education - all education for the children of America returns to the local level and home schooling is encouraged with generous grants to the parents. In a  family of four, the mother's income is enough from the Federal grants that she can quit her job and spend her time fully with raising her two children and home schooling them.
  • Eliminate the Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Marines - all US military bases are closed around the world. The United States depends solely on the National Guard, Coast Guard and Border Patrol for its sovereign security. The entire Military Industrial Complex collapses.
  • Repeal the Patriot Act - dissolve Homeland Security.
  • Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment - dissolve the IRS, no more income tax
  • Take back monetary control from the Federal Reserve, making this criminal bank irrelevant.
  • Reestablish the US Dollar as a gold-backed currency.
  • Create an entire Interstate High-speed Rail system connecting all medium to large metropolitan areas. Domestic air travel is almost totally replaced by these 300 MPH bullet trains. Airports are used for International travel and dramatically shrink in size, complexity and number
  • NASA is closed
  • Stop all Chem Trailing
  • Reverse the deadly decision to vaccinate infants and totally clean up the Vaccine Industry, eliminating all legal protection from Big Pharma, the number of vaccines are reduced to a handful of clean, important vaccines that absolutely do no harm. No more flu vaccines.
  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Create an endowment that politicians cannot touch to permanently fund Social Security and Medicare
  • Implement term limits for both the House and Senate
  • Modernize all of the country's nuclear facilities to use the modern, totally safe configuration with zero radioactive waste, sponsor the development of community sized and individual home sized, perfectly safe, nuclear reactors
  • Eliminate 5G
  • Eliminate all federal gun regulations
  • Eliminate all federal drug laws and the ATF
  • Total revision of the FDA to ban all Big Pharma drugs that have minimal effectiveness and deadly side-effects.
  • In summary, a small and responsive Federal Government that supports all of the citizens with minimalist regulations and laws.

Did we miss anything? Please tell us in the comments what more we should have in Amanda's political platform. We know the universe is a colossal Dream in the Mind of the Creator and we have the ability to create changes in this Dream. This is the secret that the global elite are terrified of us knowing. They use this so-called "esoteric" knowledge to weaken and enslave humanity for their agenda of total destruction. We use it to completely change the agenda of world collective consciousness from the pralaya to heaven on earth.

Amanda's message to the American People is electrifying as 200 million Americans wake up to their God-given abilities to be not only sovereign citizens of the their Country, but of their own lives as well. People forget about the Republican and Democratic parties and come together as an indomitable grass-roots force to elect Amanda. The "Trump Phenomenon" is dwarfed by Amanda's dramatic rise from virtually unknown to President of the United States in less than one year. Her slogan is "Make Humanity Great Again!"

"Kotari" is the name of the third book is the trilogy and explores what is happening in the rest of the world in the 6 years from 2020 to 2025 as Amanda makes sweeping changes in the USA. Kotari-devi was born as Kelya in Rabat, Morocco in 1962 to a Muslim family. Her mother was only 14 years old when she was conceived and her father was 35. As a child she was terrified of life, day and night, always living in fear.

Her story is fascinating as she is visited by an "angel" in her teens and told she will become great and help her people. She is told to focus on Vedic Science, learn meditation and seek the answers to her many burning questions, within. This experience marked a turning point in her life. A few years later, at the age of 21, she is visited by Juan Tabo and invited to come to the Community in Mexico to develop her life into Enlightenment.

After the tragic end of the Community, Kotari-devi returns to Morocco in her clone body and begins her work to help the people. Her father was the brother of the King so she often visited the palace and the King knew her well. She spent many summer vacations from school in the palace, playing with the young prince and his sisters. But now the King that she knew as a child was dead and his son had become the King. She renews her friendship with who she once knew as the prince.

Royal Palace of MoroccoThe King is delighted to see her again after nearly 40 years. She speaks of her plans to help the people and create a spiritual community and the King is excited to help. He encourages Kotari-devi to run for the Parliament and endorses her, and she becomes the first woman to be elected to the Moroccan Parliament. Then as a member of Parliament, she is named by the King to the position of Prime Minister. Kotari-devi is loved and revered by people of Morocco and she implements many changes to empower the common person and uplift them. Millions learn to practice meditation and one thousand join the Goloka Spiritual Community of Morocco.

Along the way both Amanda and Kotari-devi face many challenges and attacks from the Rakshsas but as time continues, the global elite becomes totally impotent and the Rakshasas crawl back under their rocks. By 2025, world collective consciousness has risen from 207 to over 300 with the support of the Ekam Vitara Network of one million members. The world is finally at peace and progress is apparent throughout the world. The end result of reading this trilogy will be empowering the reader with a new vision of the possibility for his or her personal life and for the world as a whole.

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