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Chudala Productions, LLC is a New Mexico movie production company that will produce the Chudala Novel, the Chudala Movie Series, the Chudala Comicbook Series, the Chudala Music CD series, the Chudala Enlightenment Courses, the Chudala Travel Agency, and various Chudala branded products. 51% of Chudala Productions, LLC is owned by Vedic Vitaras, Inc.

This is a unique approach to establish the Marketing Division of Vedic Vitaras, Inc by creating Chudala Productions, LLC. The mission of Chudala Productions, LLC is:

"We promote the awareness of Moksha as the Goal of Human Life and promote the existance of important Consciousness Empowerment Tools, known as Vedic Vitaras, that will help individuals achieve Moksha."

All of the Chudala products will feature the unique Vedic Vitara Technology® as a futuristic technology, which is available now, that empowers individuals to rapidly elevate their Level of Consciousness. The inspiration for these products comes from the Yoga Vasishta and a particular story in Book V, Chapters 77 – 110 that relates the adventures of Chudala and her husband Sikhidhwaja. We believe this story contains a rich field of information for the Spiritual Seeker that will both inspire and instruct this demographic to attain the Highest State of Human Evolution – Enlightenment.

Our market research has identified a specific demographic that we believe will be highly motivated and interested in the Chudala products. This demographic is defined in the text of “Spiritual Seeking in the United States: Report on a Panel Study” found here (article).

This demographic is labeled “Highly-Active Seekers” by this report and contains an interesting table from its research in 1996.

“These highly-active spiritual seekers are of particular interest since they represent the most rootless, most questing of all the subgroups. Table shows the social correlates of these spiritual seekers. They appear to have been highly influenced by the post-sixties idealism and therapeutic culture with its emphasis upon self-fulfillment and potential for human growth. Many are well-educated, upscale professionals, yet considerable numbers report having had to scale down their expectations as they have grown older. Evidence of inconsistent statuses is apparent, which may help to explain their strong negative views toward religious institutions; bourgeois norms of respectability and conventionality are typically rejected. They tend to earn less income than others of their generation, are more likely to be separated or divorced, to hold liberal political views, and to have fewer conventional social networks of any kind. Judged on the basis of an index constructed from several indicators, 9 percent of our original survey population fit into this category.”

Highly Active Seekers

This demographic has been identified as the “religiously unaffiliated” by the Pew Research Center in 2015 as comprising “one-fifth of the U. S. public” (article) which would be 66 million people. If we apply this total to the above table of Highly-Active Spiritual Seekers (which would be a subset of the “religiously unaffiliated”, we find the size of our target demographic is approximately 6 million people (9% of 66 million) in the USA. Extrapolating to include Canada, the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand and we have an economically homogeneous world-wide demographic of approximately 82 million people. This will be our initial target audience for Chudala Productions. As we gain experience we will expand to India, Russia and South America.

According to Statista (article) about 33% of the population go to movie theaters in the USA at least once a month. In North America, box office revenue is $11.1 billion. If we can capture the interest of our demographic with the first Chudala movie, we could have at least $12 million of ticket revenue in the USA alone. About half of this will come to Chudala Production so we project $6 million of revenue in the USA alone from this one movie.

Chudala Productions is currently writing a Chudala novel that will present the basics of 3 movies and 10 television seasons. This novel will develop the complex Chudala character and theme. .